Comparative Morphology of Standard and Egyptian Arabic by Hassan A. H Gadalla

By Hassan A. H Gadalla

The key situation of this publication is the comparability of the morphological elements of normal Arabic (SA) and Egyptian Arabic (EA). it's divided into 5 chapters. bankruptcy One offers a phonological define of SA and EA. It additionally analyses morphological fundamentals and the morphosyntactic preliminaries of the 2 forms. bankruptcy is dedicated to the morphology of triradical and quadriradical verbs. furthermore, the inflection of verbs for aspect/mood and voice and a remedy of verbal affixes and verb derivation are supplied. bankruptcy 3 bargains with the morphology of fundamental and deverbal nouns. furthermore, the divergence among yes and indefinite nouns and the inflection of nouns for case, gender and quantity are defined. The formation of the diminutive is usually illustrated. bankruptcy 4 handles the morphology of adjectival stems. Then, the variation among certain and indefinite adjectives and the inflection of adjectives for case, gender, quantity and measure are analyzed. additionally, participial types and relational adjectives are mentioned. bankruptcy 5 is expounded to the morphology of closed-list sessions, together with pronouns, prepositions, adverbs, in addition to interrogative and responsive debris. eventually, adverse and possessive debris are exhibited.

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