College algebra, (Fourth Edition) by James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson

By James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson

James Stewart, writer of the global, best-selling Calculus texts, besides of his former Ph.D. scholars, Lothar Redlin and Saleem Watson, collaborated in penning this textual content to handle an issue they often observed of their calculus classes: many scholars weren't ready to imagine mathematically yet tried as a substitute to memorize proof and mimic examples. collage Algebra used to be written particularly to assist scholars learn how to imagine mathematically and to advance real problem-solving abilities. This entire, flippantly paced booklet highlights the authors' dedication to encouraging conceptual figuring out. To enforce this objective, Stewart, Redlin, and Watson comprise expertise, the rule of thumb of 4, real-world functions, and prolonged initiatives and writing routines to reinforce a principal center of basic talents.

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26. The perimeter P of an equilateral triangle of side a 27. The volume V of a cube of side x 5 in. x 9–22 ■ Write an algebraic formula for the given quantity. 9. The number N of days in „ weeks 28. The volume V of a box with a square base of side x and height 2x 10. The number N of cents in q quarters 29. The surface area A of a cube of side x 11. The average A of two numbers a and b 30. The surface area A of a box of dimensions l, „, and h 12. The average A of three numbers a, b, and c 13. The sum S of two consecutive integers, the first integer being n 14.

Thus ෆϭ3 œ4 81 because 34 ϭ 81 ෆ8 ϭ Ϫ2 œ3 Ϫ because ÓϪ2Ô3 ϭ Ϫ8 and 3Ն0 ෆ, ෆ8 are not defined. ) Notice that ෆϭ4 œෆ 42 ϭ œ16 but ෆ4ෆෆ ෆ ϭ 4 ϭ ȊϪ4 Ȋ Ô2 ϭ œ16 œÓϪ So, the equation œaෆ2 ϭ a is not always true; it is true only when a Ն 0. However, we can always write œaෆ2 ϭ Ȋ aȊ. This last equation is true not only for square roots, but for any even root. This and other rules used in working with nth roots are listed in the following box on page 32. In each property we assume that all the given roots exist.

5 7. a2ȋ5 ෆ 9. (a) œ16 10. (a) œ6ෆ4ෆ 11. (a) œᎏ๶9ᎏ 4 12. (a) œ7ෆ œ2ෆ8ෆ 13. ᎏ49ᎏ@ Ϫ1ȋ2 14. 1 15. ᎏ31ᎏ2 @ 2ȋ5 17. 5 18. 75 28. œ8ෆ ϩ œ5ෆ0ෆ 29. œ2ෆ4ෆ5ෆ Ϫ œ1ෆ2ෆ5ෆ ෆ Ϫ œ3 81 ෆ 30. œ3 24 ෆ ϩ œ5 3ෆ 31. œ5 96 ෆ Ϫ œ4 3ෆ 32. œ4 48 33. œ4 xෆ4ෆ 10 34. œ5 xෆ ෆ8 35. œ4 16x 36. œ3 xෆ3ෆ y 6ෆ 37. œ3 xෆ3ෆy 38. œxෆ4ෆ y 4ෆ 39. œ5 aෆ6ෆ b ෆ7 40. œ3 aෆ2ෆ b œ3 aෆ4ෆ b ෆ6ෆ4ෆෆx 6ෆ 41. œ3 œ 42. œ4 xෆ4ෆ y 2ෆz 2ෆ 43. x 2ȋ3x1ȋ5 44. Ó2x3ȋ2ÔÓ4xÔϪ1ȋ2 45. ÓϪ3a1ȋ4ÔÓ9aÔϪ3ȋ2 46. ÓϪ2a 3ȋ4ÔÓ5a 3ȋ2Ô 47. Ó4bÔ1ȋ2Ó8b2ȋ5Ô 48. Ó8x 6ÔϪ2ȋ3 49.

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