Charles Lindbergh (Famous Flyers) by Heather Lehr Wagner

By Heather Lehr Wagner

A biography of the yank aviator who, in 1927, turned the 1st individual to fly continuous around the Atlantic Ocean.

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It is not surprising that, when he finally contemplated a more quiet life, retired from public demonstrations of aviation, he remembered the one peaceful moment he had enjoyed since the excitement began—the family Christmas he had spent with the Morrows in Mexico. q 11/21/02 2:41 PM Page 61 Family Man 61 Mexico, and in fact when the ambassador and his wife had suspected that Charles might be interested in one of their girls, it was Elisabeth, their beautiful eldest daughter, who seemed the most likely.

There is one thing I want to know. ” Lindbergh explained that a hole in his wicker seat contained a funnel, which drained waste into an aluminum container. The corked container had then been disposed somewhere over the French countryside. His curiosity satisfied, the king presented Charles with the Air Force Cross, the highest peacetime honor given to non-British pilots. Charles had hoped to spend more time seeing Europe, possibly even flying on to the Far East. q 11/21/02 2:40 PM Page 48 48 CHARLES LINDBERGH American public—and the American president—all wanted “Lucky Lindy” to come back home.

Charles was excited by this opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of modern aircraft. Having shown off the ways in which different parts of the country could be linked during his cross-country tour, he was now eager to demonstrate the links aviation could provide between countries. He planned out a tour not just of Mexico, but also of 15 other Latin American countries. q 11/21/02 2:40 PM Page 52 52 CHARLES LINDBERGH The boy from Little Falls, Minnesota, would grow up to be a world famous aviator.

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