Charlemagne (Ancient World Leaders) by Dale Evva Gelfand

By Dale Evva Gelfand

Lines the lifetime of the Frankish warrior and king who equipped an excellent empire in western Europe.

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Even this did not stop the Saxons from fighting. The last Saxons weren’t vanquished until 804. In 777, in the middle of the almost continual struggle against the Saxons, Charlemagne went off to fight a battle on another front. Although it was a minor campaign, it would become his most famous—and the one that would hand him his biggest defeat. Spain had seen the arrival of the powerful Muslim chief Abd-er-Rahman, who established himself as the Caliph of Crdoba. His ruthlessness and cruelty didn’t sit well with his subjects, who conspired to get rid of him.

He distributed lands owned by the church among his retainers so that they would support his military actions. This also further linked the church and the state, which continue through Charlemagne’s reign, down through the centuries. But a new threat was on the horizon at the outermost reaches of his kingdom, originating over the border in Spain. In 732 an immense army of Saracens trekked over the Pyrenees and invaded Gaul. Driven out to Spain in 721 by Eudes, the Duke of Aquitaine, the Muslims had returned in 725.

Hunald, the former Duke of Aquitaine who had been defeated by Pepin 20 years before, left the cloister where he had been living as a monk to stir up a revolt in his former realm. Aquitaine was mostly under Charlemagne’s rule, and Carloman should have come to his brother’s aid. Instead, he 39 40 CHARLEMAGNE Pepin the Short was the son of Charles Martel. After his brother Carloman became a monk, Pepin assumed power, although he was not legally the “king”—this position was held by Childeric III, the Merovingian king who officially ruled but in essence was a figurehead.

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