Calcium Orthophosphates: Applications in Nature, Biology, by Sergey V. Dorozhkin

By Sergey V. Dorozhkin

Due to an excellent chemical similarity with the organic calcified tissues, many calcium orthophosphates own awesome biocompatibility and bioactivity. fabrics scientists use this estate generally to build synthetic bone grafts which are both totally made from or purely surface-coated with the biologically appropriate calcium orthophosphates. Porous scaffolds made up of calcium orthophosphates are very promising instruments for tissue engineering purposes. A complete evaluate of calcium orthophosphates, this publication highlights their significance and biomedical uses.

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398] and Chapter 7 of this book). Pure HA never occurs in biological systems. , hip joint prosthesis) and dental implants [399–406]. HA particles might be implanted as well [407]. Due to a great similarity to biological apatite, over a long time HA has been used in liquid chromatography of nucleic acids, proteins and other biological compounds [408–417] and for drug delivery purposes [418–421]. Also, HA is added to some brands of toothpaste as a gentle polishing agent instead of calcium carbonate [422, 423].

Both ionsubstituted [209–212] and organically modified [213–215] forms of β-TCP can be synthesized as well. 11) (PO4)2 stoichiometric formula [212]. The modern structural data on β-TCP are available in refs. [216–218], those on Vicker’s and Knoop microhardness studies might be found if Ref. [219], while The Members of Calcium Orthophosphate Family solubility data in ref. [220]. Furthermore, an ability of β-TCP to store an electrical charge by electrical polarization was studied and this material was found to have a suitable composition and structure for both ion conduction and charge storage [221].

Therefore, there are many similarities in the structure, properties and application between the precipitated in alkaline solutions (pH > 8) ACPs and CDHA. recent data indicated on presence of intermediate phases during further hydrolysis of CDHA to a more stable HA-like phase [311]. CDHA crystals are 25 26 Calcium Apatites and Other Calcium Orthophosphates poorly crystalline and of submicron dimensions. They have a very large specific surface area, typically 25–100 m2/g. 14 Biphasic (BCP) and triphasic calcium (ortho)phosphates below) [312–323].

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