Bold Composer: A Story About Ludwig Van Beethoven (Creative by Judith p. Pinkerton, Barbara Kiwak

By Judith p. Pinkerton, Barbara Kiwak

An advent to the lifestyles and profession of the Austrian composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

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Some people said it was too jolting, even shocking. Some parts were soft and sad, others suddenly loud and angry, still others lilting and joyful. Beethoven used simple melodies that kept repeating and building into a mass of deep, rich sound. Sometimes the music appeared to be ending with strong, final-sounding notes. —it continued. Audiences had to pay attention to understand his music. Some people just wanted to flutter their fans, sip wine, or chat as they listened to music in the background.

When Ludwig asked Josephine to marry him, she said no. If she married him, she would no longer be a countess. Even more important, marriage laws of those times would not allow her to raise her four children herself. More letters passed between them, but nothing came of their love. Beethoven continued to work on Leonore. He 39 also worked on his Third Symphony. From its beginning notes, it differed greatly from other symphonies of that time. Beethoven passed the melody from one instrument to the next.

In her honor, he wrote a beautiful piano piece, the Moonlight Sonata. But their love didn’t last. A few years later, Giulietta married someone else. Beethoven threw himself into performing, conducting, and composing. In his string quartets—written for two violins, a viola, and a cello—players answered one another’s melodies. This created a musical conversation. Doctors suggested that Beethoven rest his ears and spend time in the countryside. Beginning in April 33 1802, he spent six months in the village of Heiligenstadt near Vienna.

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