Basic Mathematics: A Text Workbook by Charles P. McKeague

By Charles P. McKeague

Pat McKeague's 7th version of uncomplicated arithmetic is the publication for the fashionable pupil such as you. Like its predecessors, the 7th version is apparent, concise, and sufferer in explaining the recommendations. This re-creation includes hundreds and hundreds of latest and up to date examples and functions, a redecorate that comes with cleanser snap shots and pictures (some from Google Earth) that let you see the relationship among arithmetic and your global. This contains references to modern subject matters like fuel costs and a few of state-of-the-art such a lot ahead pondering businesses like Google.

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A. 5 и 8 b. 7(2) each of the following products: a. 7 и 9 SOLUTION b. 4(6) Applying the commutative property to each expression, we have: a. 7 и 9 ϭ 9 и 7 EXAMPLE 12 b. 4(6) ϭ 6(4) Use the associative property of multiplication to rewrite each of the following products: a. (2 и 7) и 9 SOLUTION 11. Use the commutative property b. 3 и (8 и 2) Applying the associative property of multiplication, we regroup as 12. Use the associative property of multiplication to rewrite each of the following products.

7,406 Ϫ 3,405 EXAMPLE 1 SOLUTION Subtract: 376 Ϫ 241 We write the problem vertically, aligning digits with the same place value. Then we subtract in columns. 376 Ϫ 241 m888 Subtract the bottom number in each column from the number above it 135 2. a. Subtract 405 from 6,857. b. Subtract 234 from 345. EXAMPLE 2 SOLUTION Subtract 503 from 7,835. In symbols this statement is equivalent to 7,835 Ϫ 503 To subtract we write 503 below 7,835 and then subtract in columns. 7 , Ϫ 7 , 3 , 5 5 , 0 , 3 3 , 3 , 2 5Ϫ3ϭ2 3Ϫ0ϭ3 8Ϫ5ϭ3 7Ϫ0ϭ7 m8 m88888 m8888888888 m888888888888888 Answers 1.

Some involve addition as well. Be sure to read each problem carefully. 69. Checkbook Balance Diane has $504 in her checking 70. Checkbook Balance Larry has $763 in his checking account. If she writes five checks for a total of $249, account. If he writes a check for each of the three bills how much does she have left in her account? listed below, how much will he have left in his account? 71. Home Prices In 1985, Mr. Hicks paid $137,500 for his Item Amount Rent Phone Car repair $418 25 117 72. Oil Spills In March 1977, an oil tanker hit a reef off home.

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