Algebraic and Analytic Methods in Representation Theory by Bent Orsted

By Bent Orsted

This publication is a compilation of numerous works from well-recognized figures within the box of illustration idea. The presentation of the subject is exclusive in delivering numerous varied issues of view, which should still makethe e-book very necessary to scholars and specialists alike. provides numerous assorted issues of view on key subject matters in illustration concept, from the world over recognized specialists within the box

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Specializing v to q, we have made k into an A-algebra. l) - K ? ,n. Proof: [Lul, Lu2]. Let now U denote the enveloping algebra over Q for the semisimple Lie algebra corresponding to (aij). Denote the standard generators of 0 by /~i,/~i, i - 1 , . . , n , and set /ti - [/~i,/~i]. r), i - 1 , . . , n, where E~) - E~/r! and similarly for/~/(~);see [Hul, Section 26]. 4 There is a Hopf algebra isomorphism (]z--%Uz/({Ki- 1 1 i - 1 , . . , n}) given by /~r) H image of E~r), /~(~) ~ /ti ~ image of F (~), image of [K/l; 0 ] .

Dn such that (diaij) is symmetric. Fix also an indeterminate v, and set vi = v d~, i = 1 , . . , n . If m C N we write [m] = (v m - v - m ) / ( V - - V - I ) and [m]! = [ m ] [ m - 1]... [2][1]. For t C N, we set [t] - [m][m - 1]-.. [m - t + 1]/[t]!. , and [~]i for the corresponding expressions with v replaced by vi. 1 The quantum group attached to (aij) is the Q(r)-algebra U with generators Ei, Fi, Ki, K/--I, i = 1 , . . , n, and relations i) K i K ( -1 = 1 = K ~ I K i and KiKj = K j K i ii) K i E j K ( -1 - v ia i j Ej, iii) EiFj - FjEi iv/ z r+s=l--aij v) E K i F j K i -1 gi-gi - ~ij -- v-iaiJFj -1 vi - -1 v i 8 i (-1)s [1-aiJ 1 F[FjF~-O, r+s--1--aij 8 i#j i It turns out that U is a Hopf algebra with comultiplication A given by A ( K i ) - Ki®Ki, A ( E ~ ) - Ei®I+K~®Ei, A(Fi) - Fi®K~ - l + l ® F i , H.

If we set Q - I0/,~ ~ Ker(I1 ~ means that we have exact sequences 0 and no(z ) /2), this H. H. Andersen 24 The long exact sequence arising from the first of these gives Hi(G/P~,HI(A)) ~ Hi(G/P~,H°(Q)) for i _> 1. 4, we get Hi(G/P~, H°(Q)) ~ Hi+I(A) for all i >_ 0, and we are done. A) (cf. , the ~n are not necessarily isomorphisms). A ) for all i. A) for all i. If i < l(w), we see that Hi(A) - 0. A), where N = ]R+I and w0 E W is the maximal element in W (of length l(wo) - N). 3) (note that dim G / B - N).

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