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Advances in power Harvesting Methods offers a state of the art knowing of numerous facets of power harvesting with a spotlight on: broadband strength conversion, new recommendations in digital circuits, and novel fabrics. This e-book covers fresh advances in power harvesting utilizing various transduction mechanisms; those comprise equipment of functionality enhancement utilizing nonlinear results, non-harmonic kinds of excitation and non-resonant power harvesting, fluidic strength harvesting, and advances in either low-power electronics in addition to fabric technology. The participants contain a short literature assessment of earlier learn with each one bankruptcy for extra reference.

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25 (a) Schematic of generator array prototype and (b) AC output of three cantilevers in an array and their direct serial connection ([46], copyright: Elsevier) Sari et al. [47] implemented a micro broadband energy harvester using electromagnetic induction. The developed device generated power via the relative motion between a magnet and coils fabricated on 35 serially connected cantilevers with different lengths. 2–5 kHz. 5 g in the test of Liu et al. [46]. The cantilever size had a very similar scale but the power output from the device by Sari et al.

The monostable energy harvester can only work in the condition that a slow and proper frequency sweep excitation exists. Besides, since multi-value and jump phenomenon near resonance occur with increased nonlinearity (Figs. 31), a mechanism should be implemented to perturb and drive the system into high-energy orbits in case the system vibrates in a low-energy branch. Otherwise the harvester provides much lower output power. • Bistable nonlinear configuration. For a bistable system, large-amplitude oscillation can occur under both periodic and stochastic forcing.

In this section, we discuss in detail how to exploit the properties of the nonlinearity of a bistable system to improve energy harvesting performance over a wide range of ambient vibration frequencies, subjected to either periodic forcing or stochastic forcing. 48 L. Tang et al. Fig. 33 Arrangement of mass-spring-damper generator for the snap-through mechanism ([49], copyright: Springer ScienceCBusiness Media) Fig. 1 Periodic Forcing A periodically forced oscillator can undergo various types of large-amplitude oscillations, including chaotic oscillation, large-amplitude periodic oscillation, and large-amplitude quasiperiodic oscillation.

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