Access To God In Augustine's Confessions: Books X-XIII by Carl G Vaught

By Carl G Vaught

This can be the ultimate quantity in Carl G. Vaught's groundbreaking trilogy reappraising Augustine's Confessions, a cornerstone of Western philosophy and the most influential works within the Christian culture. Vaught deals a brand new interpretation of the thinker as much less Neoplatonic and extra distinctively Christian than so much interpreters have idea. during this ebook, he specializes in the main philosophical component of the Confessions and on the way it pertains to the former, extra autobiographical sections. A significant other to the former volumes, which handled Books I-IX, this booklet could be learn both in series with or independently of the others.

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However, we must understand once more that there are not two souls, but that the soul plays two characteristically different functions in contrast with the body. Augustine begins to bring the epistemic and the metaphysical strands of his thinking about the relations among God, the soul, and the body together by emphasizing self-transcendence. He writes: What therefore do I love when I love my God? Who is he who is above the head of my soul (anima)? Through my soul (anima) will I ascend to him. I will pass beyond that power of mine by which I adhere to the body and fill the body’s frame with life.

39). 19). The interplay between God and the soul that unfolds in time, space, and eternity, and that expresses itself in the “space” between God, on the one hand, and the absolute nihil on the other points to speaking and hearing as primordial phenomena and to the Place of places where the voice of God reverberates. 9). 8). In all INTRODUCTION 25 three cases, speaking and hearing lead us to the Place of places where vertical transactions occur between God and the soul. This suggests once more that even in the most theoretical part of his book, Augustine does not abandon the existential dimension of his enterprise, but continues to speak from his heart by placing the language of God and the soul at the center of his thinking.

First, though the visual ray of the eye makes contact with its object, their interplay with one another is mediated by a third term that not only binds the knower and the known together, but also holds them apart. The will connects and disconnects the eye from its object, driving the volitional element of Augustine’s journey into the heart of its intellectual dimension. In addition, the brightness of the light he encounters sometimes overwhelms the eye of the mind that seeks to make contact with it.

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