A Walk in the Garden: Biblical Iconographical and Literary by Paul Morris, Deborah Sawyer

By Paul Morris, Deborah Sawyer

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M. V. Miller; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1985], p. 179). Hegel identified Socrates with the biblical Adam (Pythia plays Eve's part) and understood the 'sin' of Adam to be the beginning of freedom, the source of philosophy itself, the origin of 'the life of the Spirit' in its ascent to selfconsciousness—The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil—of the 36 A Walk, in the Garden knowledge that is of reason out of itself—(is) the universal principle of philosophy for all later times'.

Blake concentrates on human nature and formulates a new account of man based on his vision of Eden. Cantor stresses Blake's identification of the artist with Eden and England with Eden against the background of the development of his 'speculative mythology'. The chapters by Richard Roberts and Mark Corner look at the understanding of the Eden/Fall narrative in modern Christian theology. Roberts traces the doctrine of the Fall from its centrality in past Protestant theology to its secondary place in contemporary theological concerns.

MAGONET The Themes of Genesis 2-3 41 If we accept that the man has made two categories of the animals then the process of choosing, selecting and differentiating has already led to the alienating of certain creatures within Eden itself even prior to the eating of the fruit. That naming implies establishing a relationship is most clearly illustrated in the naming of the woman by Adam. 22) which he brings to the man. 'The man said: This one, mis time, bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. 23). As the text reminds us in the next verse in reinforcing this sense of relatedness, 'therefore a man (ttf'K) leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his woman (n$K) and they become a single flesh'.

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