A Monograph of the Ithomiidae Lepidoptera Volume 111: by Richard M. . Fox

By Richard M. . Fox

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HAASE, 1893, p. 51. GODMAN, 1901, in Godman and Salvin, 1879-1901, p. 639. HAENSCH, 1909, p. 117, pl. 31d. RILEY AND GABRIEL, 1925, p. 47. BRYK, 1937b, p. 452. Fox, 1940, p. 177. The type is in the British Museum (Natural History), a female from "Central valleys, Guatemala," numbered 6900. Eleven males and six females have been examined from American collections. Both the pattern anatomy and the male genitalia show that theon is a distinct species. No other subspecies is known. Olyras theon comes from the high valleys of Guatemala and of the southernmost part of Mexico.

43, 44; 1948, p. 132. The type is a female from "Bogota" numbered 6924 in the British Museum (Natural History). Six males and 12 females from American collections have been examined. Patricia dercyllidas hazelea, new subspecies Plate 2, figure 3 F. Martin Brown's careful collecting in the Oriente has turned up a series taken in the vicinity of Banos, these specimens varying sufficiently from Colombian dercyllidas to require recognition as a subspecies. Of the differences in coloring and maculation, the easiest to recognize is the development of the subapical dark patches of the forewing.

Lucens; N, 0. c. montagui; 0, 0. c. crathis; T, 0. theon; V, 0. c. weeksi; X, 0. i. praestans; Z, 0. c. staudingeri. southern Mexico (fig. 53). Olyras crathis and the forms of 0. montagui, separated by Haensch (1909), are conspecific. Olyras translucens, of which only a few specimens are known, forms the third species with praestans and insignis. The subspecies of 0. crathis and 0. insignis are distributed in southern Central America and in northwestern South America from Venezuela to Peru. 2. Costal margin strongly sinuate, bearing a flat, recurved tooth on the inner face proximad of the apex, which bears a short tooth .

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