A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen

By Meg Swansen

A meeting of Lace ДОМ и СЕМЬЯ, ХОББИ и РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ, РУКОДЕЛИЕ Год выпуска: 2005 Автор: Meg Swansen Издательство: XRX Books ISBN: 978-1893762244 Формат: PDF Качество: хорошее Количество страниц: 182 Язык: английский Размер: 21.2Книга по вязанию шалей, шарфов и палантинов.скачать с www..com скачать с www.uplouding.com eighty five

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Simply put, lena is made by twisting warp threads around each other before the weft is inserted. The crossed warp threads create holes that produce the lacey effect as well as stabilize the fabric. Lena can be worked on an open shed or on a closed shed and with a variety of twisted thread combinations-1:1 lena is created by twisting 1 warp end over its neighbor, 2:2 lena is created by twisting 2 warp ends over 2 warp ends. Other combinations, such as 1:2 lena, can also be worked. Work In this sample, 2 rows of 2:2 lena are worked on an lena from selvedge to selvedge or as a motif or border open shed.

Poke a crochet hook through the web in front of sh ape and create more holes in the weaving. and underneath the first row of outline weft (Figure II). STEP 5. Grab the second outline weft and pull it up The thicker the outline yarn, the more pronounced the through the hole, drawing out a loop (Figure EJ). desig n. Using the same yarn to make t he medallion s STEP 6. Insert the shuttle into the loop from right to left will create a subtle texture. (Figure EI) and pull as taut as desired (Figure .

5 em) Rigid heddle loom with at least 96. 5 em) fringe at eaeh end . 12-dent rigid heddle reed; one Warp Length EPI Before felting: 14W (37 em) shuttle. 6 meters), whieh 12. 5 em) long. spaeers a little wider than the allows 28" (71 em) loom waste, PPI warp width. part of whieh forms the fringe. In woven areas-12. Yarn Warp and Weft : 2/ 18 2-ply wool Threading at 5,040 yd (4,608 m)/lb: about Threaded 700 yd (640 m). This yarn is Open Superfine Merino in Suede from Jaggerspun. 5 cm) of weaving.

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