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Monica & Geoffrey, etc. | The Woods | Morrow, GA

The beautiful thing about photographing your own family members is that they don’t get to be picky.  I’m the one who gets to choose.   So I choose to make their entire blog post only black and white photos, and the first two pictures are of my nephew Corbin being serious and grown-up, while my little nephew Holland scampers about like a squirrel, and my brother and sister-in-law just sit there, probably wishing they were still in bed.

I love them.

I’m particularly excited about the niece they’re giving me in the new year.  Thank you, Geoffrey.  Thank you, Monica.  I will now buy all the frilly things.

That is not a stump.  That is a rocket ship to space.


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Lise, Chris, & Adeline | At Home | Atlanta, GA

I photographed Little Miss Adeline almost exactly one year ago, and she’s only gotten cuter since then!

Plus: those legs!  I can’t wait to see this girly kick a soccer ball one day!

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Jessica & Charlie | Sawyer Family Farmstead | Cashiers, NC

Jess & Charlie’s wedding felt less like working with “clients” and more like celebrating with friends — probably because I’ve known them through Erin for several years!  This meant I was already friends with several of their guests, and got special access to the pour-your-own Scotch bar, which (let’s be honest) is really all I need to be in utter bliss.

My Co-tographer: Erin Schopf
Ceremony & Reception: Sawyer Family Farmstead
Jess’s Gown: David Fielden
Flowers & Decor: DIY
Cake: Just Simply Delicious

Jess and her sweet puppy…

The wedding bands, and some DIY macro…

The groom’s cottage…

What a nice groom!  Charlie got his guys these handsome flasks as groomsmen gifts…

First look…

The weather was all over the place in the mountains on this particular Saturday!  When we started the photos with the guys, the sun was blaring…

…but we barely made it through a couple of wedding party photos before the rain started…

The rain disappeared again, and we popped outside for photos of the ladies…

Clouds rolling in again…

I loved Jess & Charlie’s version of a guestbook…

It started raining again, so we rushed for cover…

…but the sun came BACK out to play for cocktail hour!


Erin snuck this shot of me pouring our Scotches!  NOM!

And there’s Erin, looking super cute as always as she sneaks around on the dance floor with her camera!

I can’t stop laughing:

This wedding was brought to you by:

(Anne & Erin)

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Rock ‘N Roll Bride | Lena ‘N George

When Kat from Rock ‘N Roll Bride sent me this e-mail, I was pretty excited, but I knew my bride Lena would pee her pants: “I’ve just seen Lena & George’s amazing wedding on your blog and I’d LOVE to include this rad circus wedding in [my] yearly print magazine!”  Of course we responded with a resounding YES, PLEASE!!! and the rest is print history.

Check out more photos from Lena & George’s adventurous, colorful, “Mad Hatter on Acid” celebration (complete with fire lanterns!) HERE.

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TEDxPeachtree | Buckhead Theatre | Atlanta, GA

My co-’tographer Erin and I were crazy-honored to be invited to photograph TEDxPeachtree, Atlanta’s own independently organized TED event.  If you’ve never seen a TED presentation, allow me to introduce you.  These are three of our all-time favorite TED talks, sure to squeeze your soul, catch your breath, and challenge your views:

-Brené Brown, self-described “researcher-storyteller”, studies the insane power — and necessity — of vulnerability in our lives (at TEDxHouston).

-Ash Beckham invites us all to identify our own closets, and finally COME OUT (at TEDxBoulder).

-Dan Pallotta revolutionizes our thinking about nonprofits, and envisions a bold new path toward changing the world (at TED2013).

One of TEDxPeachtree’s sponsors was SocialBox, a cool new way to photobooth it!

Thrive Farmers Coffee was on hand to wake us all up with farm-direct, fresh-brewed coffee!

Backstage, with the presenters… I love the old ROXY sign hanging on the wall!  Anyone remember the ROXY days?

LOTS of Google Glass was on display at TEDxPeachtree!  I loved this techy ma’am on the front row in her Google Glass, lounging on a gi-normous JAXX bean bag chair!

Presenter: Jeff Shinabarger
“We will be known by the problems we solve.”

Presenter: David Green
“We should demand simplicity.  If we do, our perceptions align with reality.”

Presenter: Jim Hackler
green pedaler
“You can talk about the impact to our environment, our health, our communities — but the bottom line is cycling is a joy.”

Presenter: Rashid Nuri
urban farmer
“We grow the dirt. God grows the food.”

Presenter: Rossin
portrait artist (those are PAINTINGS, people!!!)
“Grace is the answer… Everything else is second best.”

Presenter: Nathan Sawaya
LEGO brick artist
“Art makes better humans, art is necessary to understanding the world, and art makes people happy.  Undeniably, art is not optional.”

Presenter: Aurora Robson
“Artists are inspired visionaries. Enlist us to visualize and create a sustainable future.”

Emcee Nwandi Lawson

Presenter: Michelle Malone
“The greatest change one can bring is by living an inspired and impassioned life, because joy and courage are contagious.”

Fresh fruit was on hand throughout the day, courtesy of Fresh Harvest, and Affairs to Remember delivered scrumptious boxed lunches!

TEDxPeachtree Founder Al Meyers, Organizer Jacqui Chew, and Producer Bill Schnitzer

What’s better than beer?  Nothing. Okay, except for maybe CRAFT BEER ICE CREAM. I kid you not.

RadioX was on hand for some live podcasting!


Presenter: Marshall Seese Jr.
music-making entrepreneur
“We all get lost from time to time.  But it’s the journey we take while we’re lost that makes us who we are.”

Presenter: Mark Riedl
artificial intelligence researcher
“If you are not scared of failure, you are not working on the right problem.”

Presenter: Wanda Hopkinds-McClure
“Innovation in education will happen one teacher, one student, one classroom at a time.”

Presenter: Daphne Greenberg
adult literacy advocate
“Acknowledging our medley of voices brings us one step closer to an inclusive society.”

Presenter: George Yu
“It is better to know than not know, it is better to see than not see, and it is better to be curious than satisfied.”

Presenter: Amy Baxter
“To provide excellent healthcare, we must err on the side of empathy.”

Presenter: Mary Frances Bowley
“We can’t sit here anymore and watch the bullies steal the childhood of our daughters.”

Presenter: Lisa Earle McLeod
“It’s not our truths that cause problems, it is our belief in their exclusivity.”

Presenter: Neale Martin
“If you want to change your life, you must change your habits.”

Congratulations to the entire team!!!

And because everyone else involved with this year’s TEDxPeachtree got a photo, here are Erin (on the left) and me (on the right), both of us looking adorable as usual (of course):

(Thanks, Ben & Colleen, for the photo of me!)

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Clifton Is New Here

I love meeting babies.  I don’t have my own baby, and I don’t want my own baby.  But other people’s babies?  Totally the best.  Clifton provided my perfect November baby fix!

I’m not often a big fan of baby props, but this hat… Yeah. Adorable.

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