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Countdown: Maggie & Tyler

Hurry home to me, New Website! In the meantime…

I’d like to do away with the term “wedding reception.” It sounds so businesslike, so formal. Maggie & Tyler’s reception was anything but businesslike and formal. It was a massive, crazy dance party with just enough wiggle room to pop on a pair of nerdy sunglasses (provided by the bride and groom) and shake your bootie to the band’s rendition of “Happy.” It just felt appropriate to grab this opportunity to make weird double-exposures with a blaring on-camera flash. Breaking all my rules? Yup. But I wouldn’t change a thing!

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Countdown: Evan

Another mini-blog post as I await my new website launch…

Little Evan doesn’t really care to have his clothes changed. In fact, he cares so little for this particular ritual that he screamed bloody-murder and peed on his nice new onesie. Then, changing time finally over, he went promptly to sleep and proceeded to look like a little angel for the rest of our shoot. Babies are some of the strangest, most fascinating people I’m privileged to photograph… and definitely the most adorable!

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Countdown: Emily & Tommy

I’ve been MIA from my blog for over a month now, and it’s making me incredibly anxious and twitchy.

My reason for this absence is simply that I have a brand-new, super-wonderful, absolutely amazing website in the works, and I’ve been holding off on new posts in hopes that said new website would be done OH-SO-SOON. But perfection takes time, and my beautiful new website is still in utero. Coming soon, but not… quite… yet.

As I countdown to the day when my new website is finally ready to meet you all, I at least want to share a few small previews of all that I’ve been up to. More countdown images will follow. And (eventually) that new website I keep bragging about.

A couple weekends ago I photographed Emily & Tommy’s wedding, and they expressly requested no posed portraits.

None. Zero. Zilch.

And, really, that’s okay, because if I’d taken a posed portrait of Emily and her dad, I likely wouldn’t ever show it to anyone except to post it in Em & Tommy’s online gallery.

But THIS photo… Emily dancing with her dad… this means something to me. This plucks some string in my heart that hums, “THIS is why we celebrate. THIS is why I do what I do.”

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Marcelo & Ronnie | Livingston | Atlanta, GA

Marcelo & Ronnie wrote me just a couple weeks after getting married in Portland, ME, where my sweet friend Melissa Mullen did a phenomenal job photographing their intimate wedding! They told Melissa that they were planning a small reception here in Atlanta, and she sent them my way — hooray! These gentlemen were so kind and lovely to work with, and their friends and family were no different! Thank you, Marcelo & Ronnie! (And huge thanks to Livingston for hosting such a classy celebration!)

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3 Steps to Cuddly Family Photos

Photographing families can be a challenge, but photographing energetic families with only 15 minutes to nail the shot can be downright exhausting! This is the scenario when I host Minishoots, my twice-a-year mini portrait experiences.

Parents, kids, dogs…
15 minutes.
I need a nap just thinking about it!

So how does one wrangle families into perfect portrait presentation within a short timeframe?

One doesn’t. I don’t. I don’t wrangle. Wrangling only leads to squirming and squealing and trying to get out of it. Kids hate being told where to stand, where to look, how to smile. And the more you boss them around, the less likely you are to capture a genuine moment. 

Here are 3 steps to making cuddly, quick family photos:

1.) Don’t fight the light. Instead of battling in a difficult lighting situation, photograph your family in open shade – this is the soft, even light that you find in the shade of a building, for example. Tree shade is fine as long as the shade coverage is complete; you don’t want speckles of light dotting anyone’s faces!

2.) Pose the parents. Now that you don’t have to worry about your light, it’s time to get your family in place – sort of. The ONLY people you should be directing now are the parents. Let the parents know that you want them to completely ignore their children (unless, of course, one of them begins running pell-mell for the lake or digging in the fire ant bed.) Get the parents close and cuddled, then…

3.) Shoot the moment. I PROMISE you, promise-promise-promise, that 9 times out of 10, after a minute or two, those kids are going to sidle right up to their folks. They didn’t want to be bossed around, but they REALLY don’t want to be left out. Now, casually, calmly, the parents can draw the kiddos into this sweet family moment, and YOU can begin making pictures.

Want to experience Minishoots for your own family? Sign up for one of my last few Spring Minishoot days!

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Camille In Summer

It’s cold here in Georgia right now, and I’m leaving for Philly tomorrow where it will be even colder.  But I felt warm all over as I dug through these photos I shot last summer while Dan and I were in Columbus, Ohio, visiting his cousins.  I shot all of these with my Mamiya 45mm f/2.8 manual lens on my Canon 6D.  Focusing on the fly…

Here’s a little summertime to take the edge off the chill:

This was baby Farrah while she was still “in.”  Now she’s “out,” but I haven’t gotten to meet her yet.  Gonna have to remedy that…

My favorite Jeffrey Campbell flats… and the remains of Camille’s snack.

Recycling: water in a Gatorade bottle.

Screaming.  Then sleeping.

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