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Countdown: Melissa & Jamie @ The Plaza Theatre | Atlanta

20 days to YEAH New Website!

But first…

I had no idea the folks at The Plaza would be so awesome about letting us come in to take a few engagement photos! But they invited us to stop by between films, and waved us into the tiny upstairs screening room. I popped a light behind the seats to give a little projector-esque glow, and: ta-da! Then we all went out for cocktails. The end.

(NOTE: Jamie’s a crazy-talented filmmaker. Check him out HERE!)

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Countdown: The Incredibles!

22 days to NEW WEBSITE launch!

The Blondheim family is one of my favorites – they’re so cuddly and energetic and loving; I have a huge smile on my face the entire time I’m editing their photographs!

They totally embrace the FUN of being photographed together! Every year for their Minishoot they wear a different theme, sometimes match-y, sometimes not. This year, they chose The Incredibles, and it was ADORABLE.

This was the first year sweet Charlie wasn’t with them, though. Their precious therapy dog Charlie passed away before our shoot. My heart sank a little when I didn’t see his saggy dog face come running through the grass with the kids.

Here are the Blondheims last fall with Charlie:

Rest in peace, Charlie. You were a good pup.

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Countdown: Lily

June is coming. And along with it… TA-DA! My ever-elusive new website. Really.

But first…

I’ve photographed sweet Lily since she was brand-new. And her parents on their wedding day. And their engagement photos before that.

We change and grow and build upon what was until we have this, now. And before we know it, now will be then, and tomorrow is today, and seemingly overnight this little one will be grown.

But not in this photo. Here she is forever small and shy.

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Countdown: Edit By Lauren

Seriously. New website. IMMINENT!

But first…

When I first met Lauren, she was just dipping her toes into the fashion blogging waters. Now she’s my own personal style celebrity, and I’m intensely proud of her! (I’m also way motivated to keep working out when I look at her legs!)

I made these photos of Lauren showing off two super-cute J.Crew pieces in a Decatur parking lot. Fancy sets are for the birds.

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Countdown: Stephanie & Andy

Hey! New Website! Get done already!

Meanwhile, this is what I did on Saturday…

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Workshop! The Strategy Sessions | Atlanta | 7.13.2014


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