Monica & Michael Get Married

Photos by Anne Almasy

Monica and Michael are both educators, writers, and creatives.  Monica is a minister.  Michael is a meditator.  Family and community are everything to them.  (She’s also hooked on Bravo reality TV, and I hear he has a killer jump shot!)  Their ceremony reflected their personalities and values through a beautifully-crafted blend of KMT, Yoruba, and progressive Christian traditions.

I was excited when I learned that they had chosen the Atlanta Friends Meeting House as their ceremony location, a light-filled Quaker worship center just around the corner from where Dan and I live.

A Blooming Earth provided Monica’s bouquet of roses, and Therez Fleetwood designed Monica’s gown.

Michael arrived at the Meeting House ready to go, so he relaxed in one of the classrooms, talking religion and politics until wedding time.  They were all so engrossed in conversation they didn’t pay any attention to me!

Monica’s friend and hair stylist Chakayah, slipping small shells onto the hair pins for Monica’s hair…

Ashley Morton did a beautiful job on Monica’s makeup…

Monica and her mom…

One of the ministers puts the finishing touches on her sermon while friends sign the guest book…

Michael played the djembe as Monica danced down the aisle toward him…

They remembered and honored their ancestors with a libation…

Their guests were invited to participate in a Meal of Freedom, which Monica and Michael shared with each person in turn.

The clergy…

Monica and Michael with their matchmaker!

Instead of numbering the dinner tables, Monica and Michael identified each table with a portrait of one of their favorite authors.  Since they initially bonded over their love of “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” James Baldwin’s photograph was front and center at their table.

A prayer before the meal…

Monica and Michael signed a traditional Quaker marriage contract, and their guests added their names as witnesses and supporters of their partnership.  Since many of their friends and family were unable to be at their Atlanta celebration, they will take the contract with them around the country as they celebrate with their loved ones, adding signatures along the way.  Monica’s talented cousins Cynithea and Jared designed their logo.

A vegan meal was prepared and served family-style by Healthful Essence.

Monica’s father passed several years ago, so she shared the traditional father-daughter dance with her uncle…

Monica and Michael, thank you for honoring me by including me in your celebration of marriage!  I was so blessed to experience the day with you!


  1. You manage to capture so many genuinely wonderful smiles, beautiful!

  2. WHAT A JOYOUS CELEBRATION OF LOVE. Monica and Michael, thank you for including me in your beautiful day, I love looking at Anne’s gorgeous photos. May the two of you continue to grow in love, everyday for the rest of your wonderful and enchanted lives.

  3. Oh my! You made me cry again!
    God is so good that I sometimes ask why I am constantly receiving His blessings.
    Your wedding was one of those blessings that can happen only once and to think you thought enough of me to be included on the guest list.
    Such beauty! Such love! Such commitment!
    Enjoyed every moment…
    Go to Lamentations 3:22-23
    And such is yours and such is mine.
    Barbara A. Robinson (Huggy)

  4. These images are amazing. I felt like I was back at the beautiful event. I am excited to see more! Thank you for letting me be a part of the wonderful event.

  5. .Monica and Micheal,

    Thank you so much for sharing these memories. I am looking at these pictures with a wide smile, through teary eyes. Absolutely beautiful…stunning…spiritual…lovely…

  6. These are AWESOME! the colors are so rich! The photos of you and Michael during the service and the portraits are GREAT. I love the black and white ones of the 2 of you. And great that you have so many photos of guests and venue. The day is really captured here– and yet this is only a selection of photos! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!! xoxo, fw (and ga)

  7. Completely beautiful and awesome! Congratulations and all my best wishes for long, fruitful, life-giving partnership!!!

  8. Monica and Michael, What a joyous wedding! Love shines magically through these beautiful pictures……blessings

  9. Wonderful photos! What a beautiful bride and groom, and I LOVE the logo!

  10. What wonderful images — I can feel the Spirit in the celebration. May you and yours have many years of happiness.

  11. Monica, Monica, Monica–these are beautiful! From the pictures alone it appears you had such a meaningful, fun, and gorgeous day celebrating this union. Thanks for sharing the pics, and peace to you and Michael as you begin this adventure together!

  12. What a beautiful wedding.
    Sister – your talent still inspires me. You and Dan have such a gift in capturing emotions.

  13. Congratulations to both of you on your wedding day. So sorry my health did not permit me to be there for such a beautiful wedding. My wish is that God gives you much joy and many blessings!

  14. What a wonderful website! Everything and everyone is just beautiful! There is so much love and joy radiating from the two of you. Thank you so much for sharing these with all of us. May you have many, many decades of life, love and laughter together. And the shoes are great!

  15. I smiled, laughed, beamed, and applauded with joy and love as a witness to this partnership. These glorious pictures will always remind me of your joy and love and commitment. May the Spirit continue to guide and bless you both, my daughter and son.

  16. mommy you look so happy and beautiful i love you so much.

  17. Monica and Michael, what an inspiring wedding! Your love for each other was wonderful to witness! We know with God in your lives, you will accomplish much as a couple! Your pictures are beautiful!!

  18. And you wore makeup!

    You and Michael looked stunningly joyful!

    May you encounter and celebrate years of adventure and wonder!
    Allahu Akhbar!!! (G’d is great!)

    Debra Majeed

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