The Love List

Nice Guys DJ

I’ve seen Hans get even the toughest crowd to dance! Great music, amazing energy, no cheese – and, yeah, he’s seriously nice.

DJ Tim DeGroot

Tim complimented my bangs, so of course I love him forever. Plus: he’s a kickass DJ with real-life club experience and awesome glasses.

Amy DiLoreti

A Flawless Event – Amy is top-tier. She’s friendly and laid-back enough to let your day flow naturally, but she also knows exactly when to step in and make shit happen.

The Groom Studio

Rik is a master of menswear: suits, tuxes, shirts, shoes… Before you drop cash on an ill-fitting rental (or an overpriced off-the-rack purchase), visit GroomStudio.

Cayla Roberts

Cayla arrives as your stylist, and leaves as your friend. She works fast and fierce, and she really listens when you tell her the look you’re going for. She’s an updo goddess, and she’ll treat your skin like it’s her own!

Andrea Carter

Andrea is an artist in every sense of the word, and has perfected naturally beautiful hair and makeup styling. When she’s done, you’ll look like you — you with a light inside.

Molly Walsh

If you want to look like a Hollywood glam-star with to-die-for skin and va-va-voom hair, Molly is your woman. She wows me every. single. time.

Paul Wages

Paul isn’t just a videographer. He’s a true filmmaker. We’ve worked together for almost a decade, and he rocks my socks off.

Clairemont Strings

From Bach to Broadway, hymns to Hendrix, these hotties know their stuff. If you’ve ever wondered what the Star Wars theme sounds like on strings, this trio can take you there.

Jeremiah O’Keefe-West

Jeremiah is funny, friendly, and totally accommodating. He always succeeds in making me (and everyone around him) feel special!