Gracie is a rescue dog, a sweet Schnauzer who was adopted by the most wonderful mom a puppy could ask for. Lori loved Gracie enough to see her through cancer treatments, and Lori loves Gracie enough to stick with her now that her cancer has returned, and the doctor says nothing more can be done. When I visited Gracie and Lori a few days ago, Lori said Gracie likely only had days left to live. I haven’t heard from Lori recently, so I an hoping and praying that Gracie is still fighting the good fight. I know when she finally passes she will be missed so, so very much.

Here is little Gracie, lying on the blanket Lori’s mom made when Gracie was first diagnosed with cancer…

Gracie’s adopted brother Charlie…

Getting her whiskers brushed…

Lori with both of her pups…

Gracie’s favorite treat is the little “pill pocket” that her medicine used to go in.  Now Lori lets her eat them just for fun!

Lori, thank you so much for opening your home to me during such a difficult time.  Gracie is truly a remarkable dog, with such an incredible spirit.  I’m so grateful for the chance to know her!  -Anne


  1. I cried for Gracie and Charlie and Lori… But I’m so glad they have each other and know that they are all loved.

    Anne, again your pictures are so honest and telling. I never cease to be amazed by how moving your photography can be!

  2. Poor sweet one. I’m glad that there are people like Lori in the world. Thanks for posting these.

  3. I’m crying right now! My rescue girl is my baby… God bless you Lori! Gracie is a lucky girl!

  4. ….And absolutely gorgeous pictures you guys!!!

  5. Gracie looks so wise and patient. Good doggie! Praying for everyone’s comfort in this trying time! Thank you Lori and Anne for sharing. Reminds me to be grateful for my own doggie’s health, and forgiving and constant affection.

  6. Oh, how my heart breaks for Lori – BUT I am so glad that you were able to capture these wonderful moments. These little creatures become such a big part of our hearts and families. I’m so glad Gracie had Lori to love on her so well!

    My brother and sis-in-law have a miniature Schnauzer, Kaiser, and a blog dedicated to that breed (

    ). Gracie is a sweet example of an awesome breed.

  7. My heart is so sad for Lori, because i know how much love gracie and her had for each other, she will be so missed. I also know that Gracie will be with her forever. What a beautiful tribute this is, capturing the commitment and unconditional love that was shared between these two amazing souls. Gracie’s spirit shines through the images. Thank you Anne, for giving my sister this gift.

  8. this breaks my heart! but how lucky is lori to have these wonderful images. gracie is simply precious and charlie too!

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