Funny Little Photos (Emily + Harrison)

When I finally finish editing a full wedding, I always have a short stack of photos that I wish I’d included in the first blog post. Maybe I overlooked them at first; maybe I already had too many images to post; whatever the reason, I just can’t ignore them now!  Here are a handful from Emily and Harrison’s wedding that cracked me up or choked me up… or both.

For starters, the guys ALWAYS manage to get stuffed in some horrible conference room or closet to get ready (unlike the bride, who is always in a beautifully appointed suite of some sort).  In Harrison’s case, the guys were in the public restroom.  Yes.  For real.  Urinal and all.  God bless Dan for taking this picture.

Emily’s shoes were red, so most of the shoe pictures are in color.  But… I just like this:

I posted another shot from this series in the original blog post, but this one is SO much more awesome.  Emily’s wink and the totally sassy pose are just too fabulous!

I’m not sure who this girl is (I mean, of course she was one of the guests!), but she looks SO beautiful here.  It’s a great little bit of lighting for which Dan deserves all the credit.


And more sweet.

And creepy and sweet, all at once.

And rockin’.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I mean, what’s a wedding if someone doesn’t spank the bride at SOME point during the reception?

Lucky light.

How did I not fall in love with this exit shot the first time around?  I have no idea.  I absolutely ADORE it now!  The guests saying goodbye and taking pictures, Emily waving and laughing…

K.  That’s all.  *muah*


  1. Sweet, we got two posts!

    That picture of me backin’ it up to Harrison’s cousin Faith is one of my favorite pictures. ‘Course, there are a fair bit too many that I call my favorite for me to reasonably use that word.

  2. Capturing the essence of a celebration is usually very difficult. Anne & Dan really captured the magic that was Emily & Harrison’s special day. Great work, you all made it extremely memorable.

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