From Film

I was digging around for some old travel photos to hang in my house, and found these strays, shot on film at two different weddings.

The first photograph is of my little cousins at their big sister’s wedding.  They’re all practically grown-ups now.  I like that Melia’s eyes are closed, Micah is stading perfectly straight and smiling into the camera, and Noah is… I dunno, pointing up at God?  I was in my last quarter of photo school at the time, and didn’t have any film to spare, so I took exactly one picture of these kiddos.  This is it. (2001)

This was from the first paid wedding I shot.  A girl I worked with at a bar here in Atlanta was getting married, and asked if I would take pictures.  The wedding was small, in the bride’s parents’ back yard.  Our coworker Caroline was one of her bridesmaids.  I love how classy Caroline still looks as she squats on the floor, pouring wine in Solo cups. (2003)

Both of these were shot on a Mamiya 645, 100% manual everything.

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