Engaged! Julia + Carson

We’re so happy to be photographing Julia and Carson’s wedding next year!  They claim to be totally awkward in front of the camera, but we LOVED photographing them!  Carson lives in Atlanta’s Castleberry Hill neighborhood, so we headed out past Phillips Arena for photos…

This is one of my favorites:

Another favorite:

More wonderful Atlanta graffiti!

I think they look like a magazine ad in this one:

We got in a little bit of trouble for trespassing, but this skyline view was totally worth it!

Julia and Carson, we can’t wait to celebrate with you in the spring!


  1. So beautiful. You guys always do such a great job spotting locations! …oh, and I’m loving her shoes. :)

  2. wow! these pics are beautiful, per usual! i think i love the last two the best…that skyline is AWESOME! …oh yeah, and the red shoes! (very nice!) …congratulations julia and carson! (and gorgeous shots dan and anne!)

  3. These all look fabulous…and the skyline shot is magical. Love it!

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