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Countdown: Stephanie & Andy

Hey! New Website! Get done already!

Meanwhile, this is what I did on Saturday…

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Countdown: Maggie & Tyler

Hurry home to me, New Website! In the meantime…

I’d like to do away with the term “wedding reception.” It sounds so businesslike, so formal. Maggie & Tyler’s reception was anything but businesslike and formal. It was a massive, crazy dance party with just enough wiggle room to pop on a pair of nerdy sunglasses (provided by the bride and groom) and shake your bootie to the band’s rendition of “Happy.” It just felt appropriate to grab this opportunity to make weird double-exposures with a blaring on-camera flash. Breaking all my rules? Yup. But I wouldn’t change a thing!

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Countdown: Emily & Tommy

I’ve been MIA from my blog for over a month now, and it’s making me incredibly anxious and twitchy.

My reason for this absence is simply that I have a brand-new, super-wonderful, absolutely amazing website in the works, and I’ve been holding off on new posts in hopes that said new website would be done OH-SO-SOON. But perfection takes time, and my beautiful new website is still in utero. Coming soon, but not… quite… yet.

As I countdown to the day when my new website is finally ready to meet you all, I at least want to share a few small previews of all that I’ve been up to. More countdown images will follow. And (eventually) that new website I keep bragging about.

A couple weekends ago I photographed Emily & Tommy’s wedding, and they expressly requested no posed portraits.

None. Zero. Zilch.

And, really, that’s okay, because if I’d taken a posed portrait of Emily and her dad, I likely wouldn’t ever show it to anyone except to post it in Em & Tommy’s online gallery.

But THIS photo… Emily dancing with her dad… this means something to me. This plucks some string in my heart that hums, “THIS is why we celebrate. THIS is why I do what I do.”

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Marcelo & Ronnie | Livingston | Atlanta, GA

Marcelo & Ronnie wrote me just a couple weeks after getting married in Portland, ME, where my sweet friend Melissa Mullen did a phenomenal job photographing their intimate wedding! They told Melissa that they were planning a small reception here in Atlanta, and she sent them my way — hooray! These gentlemen were so kind and lovely to work with, and their friends and family were no different! Thank you, Marcelo & Ronnie! (And huge thanks to Livingston for hosting such a classy celebration!)

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Mary & Mark | Bradford House | Flowery Branch, GA

I knew Mary online only, through mutual friends, when she booked me for her wedding.  This kind of trust is incredibly humbling — and pretty terrifying!  When I finally had the chance to personally meet Mary & Mark in September, I knew we would get along fabulously.  Mark reminded me of my own husband: low key and laid back and kind.  And Mary was all sparkle and light and joy, bursting with energy and overflowing love for Mark.  Celebrating with the two of them just four days before Christmas was the perfect way to end my 2013!

Ceremony & Reception: Bradford House & Gardens
Flowers: The Elegant Urn
Music: Amazing Sounds

I loved these two little ring bearers.  After a few cutesy, smiling shots, I asked them for their best tough guy poses.  This is what I got:

I seriously thought Mary might burst with happiness!

You wouldn’t know it, but it kept raining… on and off… on and off… like some feisty god’s child was playing with a sprinkler.  These ladies were such troopers, planting their heels in the soft ground, brushing rainwater off their gowns, and braving the cold!  Mary, in particular, seemed as comfortable in the elements as if we were on set somewhere!

Mary and her dad…


Mary & Mark’s families:

Joining their guests in the big house…

Back across the bridge from the big house to hit the dance floor!

2013 was the year of messy, mischievous cake-cuttings — and Mary & Mark’s was no exception! I would probably have punched Dan if he’d shoved cake in my face at our wedding, but GAH I love photographing stuff like this!


I always wonder what kids are thinking when they watch adults partaking in crazy wedding rituals…

It’s not a party ’til the groom has tried on the veil…

Two of the aforementioned mutual friends…

…and two more, being tall and in love on the dance floor.

Sparklers to end the night:

This wedding was brought to you by:


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Jessica & Daniel | At Home | Pine Lake, GA

I’d like to photograph Jessica & Daniel’s wedding over and over: for its simple joy, for its delicate beauty, for its natural setting, for its relaxed intimacy.  As I’ve said before, I love a big, fancy wedding; but there’s something about a small affair that touches my soul.  Perhaps it’s the lack of distraction.  With no elaborate decor or extensive vendor list, your full attention can rest with the person you are about to marry.

Jessica & Daniel got ready together, in their home.


Friends and family arrived at the house early, and relaxed together before the ceremony.

Outside for a few quiet portraits before the ceremony…

The ketubah signing.

Because they celebrated with such an intimate group of friends and family, all of Jessica and Daniel’s guests were able to sign their ketubah.

A few last-minute tears and words of wisdom from their rabbi before the ceremony.

Everyone walked out of the house and down the road to the lake for Jessica and Daniel to be married.

Jessica & Daniel had their first dance lakeside, under their chuppah, immediately following their ceremony.

Everyone at the wedding:


Jessica, Daniel, and Daniel’s daughter:

Jessica’s sister and her partner, and Daniel’s brother and his wife:

The mothers:

Another favorite:

Everyone gathered at Cafe Lily in Decatur for dinner…

This wedding was brought to you by:


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