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Camille In Summer

It’s cold here in Georgia right now, and I’m leaving for Philly tomorrow where it will be even colder.  But I felt warm all over as I dug through these photos I shot last summer while Dan and I were in Columbus, Ohio, visiting his cousins.  I shot all of these with my Mamiya 45mm f/2.8 manual lens on my Canon 6D.  Focusing on the fly…

Here’s a little summertime to take the edge off the chill:

This was baby Farrah while she was still “in.”  Now she’s “out,” but I haven’t gotten to meet her yet.  Gonna have to remedy that…

My favorite Jeffrey Campbell flats… and the remains of Camille’s snack.

Recycling: water in a Gatorade bottle.

Screaming.  Then sleeping.

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Lillian Paige, Day 1

In the spring, when my brother texted me a picture of a sonogram, I told him, “If you have another son, I’m putting him in a dress and calling him Isabelle.”  I didn’t have to make good on my threat.  My sister-in-law gave birth to a perfect little baby girl two days after Christmas.  This is Lillian Paige.

Holland: What’s that?

Monica: That’s your baby sister.  That’s Lily.

Holland: That Leeloo.  That MINE.

We didn’t tell Corbin that Lily couldn’t see him waving.  He was too happy.  No need to break the spell.


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Corbin & Holland. But mostly Holland this time.

I don’t have kids of my own, so my nephews are extra-special to me, as the only little people consistently in my world.

This is Holland.  He’s 2-and-a-half.

This is Corbin.  He’s 6.

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Waking Up

My godson, post-nap.

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Halloween with My Nephews

This is Corbin.

I gave him cowboy boots as part of his birthday present, and he was determined to wear them with his Super Mario costume. Dan felt that this lent his look a slight Village People vibe. I felt that he looked fantastic. I suppose we were both right.

Go get that candy!

This is Holland. He’s a farmer. But mostly he’s a kid who loves lollipops.

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Virginia Grace At the Hospital

My darling friends Sara & Itan had their baby girl last week.  These are a few photos I made when I visited Miss Virginia Grace at the hospital.  She was only 1 day old.

Meeting Grandpa…

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