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Meghan & Paul

Meghan and Paul are headed to Belize to GET MARRIED any day now!  I’m so happy to have met them and been a little part of their story.  The first couple of images are outside Murphy’s, their first-date spot.

Our last stop was Limerick Junction, where Meghan and Paul actually met for the very first time.  These are my faves…

Thank you guys for hanging out and being SO fun to photograph!  Have an amazing time in Belize!

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The Bohn Family

I’ve known Devynn online for several years now — she’s a fabulous photographer in Palm Beach, Florida — but we met in person for the first time the day I made photographs for her family!  She and her husband are completely awesome, and their boys are WONDERFUL.  They had an unusually long attention span for picture-taking — I can only assume they’ve been well-trained by their mom!  I can’t share this post without also paying tribute to little Truman, who is in a better place than this world, but is clearly with his parents and brothers in spirit…

Thank you for giving the this chance to photograph your family, Devynn!  I’m SO happy to know you (for real) now!

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Marek Matousek, Actor

Marek looks like a total badass, but he’s incredibly nice, and totally goofy — that’s why my favorites below are mostly smiley shots.  He and Dan have been working together on a film, and Marek needed a few photos showing his current look before heading back to L.A. (where his super-adorable wife Cindy is, I’m sure, DYING to see her man after all these weeks!)  Learn more about Marek at

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Erin Bethea, Actor

If you’re a Kirk Cameron fan, you might recognize Erin from the movie “Fireproof”; I know Erin because Dan and I shot her wedding almost 2 years ago!  She’s genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and her family is FANTASTIC!  I was so happy when Erin showed up to our shoot with her sister, Hayley!  Learn more about Erin at  And, as always, BIG shout-out goes to my right-hand gal, fab hair and makeup stylist Cayla Roberts.

Erin’s sister Hayley snapped this picture of me photographing Erin!  LOVE IT!  You can see the pictures *I* was taking below…

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Allison Suzanne, Photographer

It’s always an honor to be asked to photograph a photographer! Allison is about to be featured in her community’s magazine, Our Town, and needed a few bio pictures. She’s so stinkin’ adorable! Check out her work at

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2011 Spring Minishoots

I’ve started a pattern of offering Mini Shoots every spring and fall, affordable 15-minute portrait sessions at one of my favorite local parks. Here are some of my favorite images from my recent Spring Minis!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who came out!  See you in the fall!

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