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Stephanie & Brent are engaged!

I met Stephanie and Brent for the first time when we met up to make their engagement photos. Brent let me know that he had no intention of doing any cheesy smiling…but you really can’t NOT smile around Stephanie! She and Brent are opposites in all the ways that make them perfect for each other! I’m so happy to get to celebrate with them at their wedding in October!

Brent picked out this awesome graffiti-covered building for the last photos of the evening. Each of these beautiful pieces is on the same long warehouse wall!

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The Evans Family

I’ve known Sarah since we were in junior high school, and I’m so happy to know her still, so many years later! Even better is seeing her so happy, with a wonderful husband and a precious little daughter! Sarah and her family took me out for pizza then we spent some time taking photos at Grant Park. Little Faith wasn’t in the smiling-ist mood, but she still managed to be totally adorable in her photos!

I love you, Deeter!

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Shannon McNeal, Storyteller

I was introduced to Shannon through my friend Barb, who owns the fabulous Stonehurst Place in Midtown Atlanta. Shannon is such a delightful person, with this fantastic, solid energy, and a HUGE love of storytelling! (She also has a really adorable little daughter!)

Learn more about Shannon’s creative endeavors on her website,

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Rev. Monica Coleman, Ph.D.

Monica is a minister, writer, activist, and scholar, and I was lucky enough to photograph her wedding AND spend a few minutes creating some headshots for her! We snagged these in less than five minutes behind one of my favorite Atlanta coffee shops. You can learn more about Monica on her website,

The first two were Monica’s favorites, and the last one is MY favorite…

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Dan and I took a little break in March to visit friends in Phoenix and Los Angeles.  These are just a few of my photos from a WONDERFUL trip to two places I’d never seen before!

Our Phoenix friends, Betsy and Jake, have an adorable fur-baby named Gidget.  She loved Dan, and would hop on the bed with us every morning just to see him.

First tourist stop: Montezuma’s Castle.

The required through-the-windshield shot:

On our way to the Grand Canyon, we stopped at this little chapel.  At the time, we were rather hoping the little chapel would have a little bathroom, but no luck.

We followed a few deer into the trees just seconds after parking our car at the Grand Canyon…

My very first view of the canyon…

We drove out to Los Angeles to see our super-fabulous friend Kelly.  Good morning, Santa Monica!

Yes, we all had cameras in our hands, ALL THE TIME.  I’m sure we were obnoxious.  Betsy’s on the left shooting out of the hotel window, and Kelly is on the right shooting at Malibu Beach.

Kelly took this awesome picture of me and Dan at Malibu Beach.  Yay!

I guess you can’t stay in Santa Monica without stopping in at the pier.  We didn’t ride anything (it was FREEZING outside!), but the park was great to photograph!

We stopped to photograph some of the windmills on our back back through California heading to Arizona.  When I saw the kid on the four-wheeler, all I could think was, “What the flip was Grandma doing at the sand dunes?”


I was blown away (ha) by how HUGE the windmills are!  I had no idea!

I think this is the first picture I’ve EVER taken of power lines.  Kinda counter-intuitive, since I went to art school, right?  But I promise.  First time.  (See the little moon?)

Day trip to Sedona…

I want to go back to this little town, Jerome.  I seriously could’ve spent a month there, just breathing the air.

We at lunch in Jerome at Quince, where I had the most delicious guacamole with pomegranate seeds on it.  A-MA-ZING.  Then (seriously) the best quesadilla in the whole wide world…

We went horse back riding in Cave Creek on our last day in AZ.  Of course, their dog wanted to adopt Dan…

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The Winn Family

I LOVE THIS FAMILY!  We met at 9:30am on Sunday morning so that we’d still have some nice, low sunlight to work with.  Thankfully it was a really beautiful day (even if it was a bit chilly), and historic Auburn Ave here in Atlanta gave us a lot of great character to work with!


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