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I met Nicole for headshots at 3:30, but didn’t leave until 6, because we were too busy talking!  Getting to meet amazing women like Nicole is one of the reasons I love my job sooooo much!

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Published! Erin + Bill in The Knot

Erin and Bill‘s Central Park-themed wedding is featured in a 4-page spread in The Knot‘s Spring/Summer 2011 publication in Georgia!

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Dr. Sumon Nandi

I’m SUPER-duper happy for one of our favorite couples, Sumon and Tina, as they prepare to start their new life together in Boston!  Here are a couple of headshots I made for Sumon and his orthopedic practice…

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The More, the Merrier!

There’s no bigger honor than getting a call from someone I’ve already photographed who wants me to photograph them again!  I’ve photographed me sweet, talented friend Morgan a few times now, and just a couple days after Christmas I got to visit her home again and photograph all of her extended family!

Half of the shoot was dedicated to one of her husband’s sisters, and her adorable little family.  Their two rambunctious little boys got me excited about my own two nephews, who I’m sure will be just as energetic and fun in a few years!

The second half of the shoot focused on all the other family: Morgan and her husband Scott and their baby, Morgan’s parents and brother, and Scott’s parents, siblings, and their families.  It was so wonderful to see all the love that these families share!


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Married! Danielle + Chris

In nearly 7 years of shooting weddings, this was our first-ever New Year’s Eve wedding!  You wouldn’t have believed it was December 31st, though; the weather out at Lake Oconee was nearly 70F, the sun was shining, and there was only a soft breeze.  It was just another reminder of why we love living in the south!

We were lucky enough to not only get to photograph Danielle and Chris’s wedding at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation — we got to stay there, too!  (Happy New Year to us, right?)

The guys were hanging out at the lakeside restaurant and watching football (what else?)…

…while the ladies enjoyed massages and salon services at the Ritz’s luxurious spa!

Danielle and Chris had rented cottages on the Plantation property, which gave the whole affair a homey vibe…

Chris finally headed back to his cottage to get ready…

Danielle’s mom and sister help her into her Priscilla of Boston gown.  Danielle told me that her mom, grandmother, and sister had all worn Priscilla gowns!

A little liquid courage…

Earrings and jackets…

Danielle checks herself one last time in a mirror…

Danielle’s grandmother was unable to travel for the wedding, but she sent a necklace for Danielle to wrap around her bouquet…

I was SO glad when Danielle and Chris decided to see each other before their ceremony and take some photographs.  We got some beautiful daylight images before their sunset ceremony!  Here’s a shot of Chris seeing Danielle in her gown for the very first time…


The living room of one of the cottages was cleared out for Danielle and Chris’s intimate ceremony to take place.  Chris’s dad passed away a couple of years ago, but he was remembered with this shadow box, containing his photograph and his war medals.

The guests gathered in front of the fireplace to see Danielle and Chris say “I do.”


Right away everyone was popping champagne and toasting the newlyweds!

All 20 of the wedding guests with the bride and groom…

It may not have FELT like Christmas was just a few days past, but the twinkly lights in the trees were a reminder that the holidays were still in full swing!

Everyone enjoyed a long dinner in one of the Ritz’s dining rooms…

Just before midnight, Danielle and Chris and their guests walked down to the lake to count down to the New Year…

Happy New Year!

Danielle and Chris, THANK YOU both for including Dan and I in such a beautiful celebration!  You guys are completely perfect for each other, and we are so happy to have gotten to know you!

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Spivey Hall Children’s Choir: NEW website, NEW year!

Photos by Anne Almasy
Design by Dan Almasy

Every year I donate my photo skills to one of my favorite Atlanta youth organizations, the Spivey Hall Children’s Choir. This year I was especially excited to be asked to photograph the kids on concert day (usually I only shoot at rehearsals), AND to photograph the audience during a performance!

If you’re not familiar with the choir, be sure to check out their brand-new website, designed this fall by Dan, and chock-full of photos by moi:

This photo, of two of the kids holding hands while they sing, is one of my favorites…