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We have a new nephew!

Our new nephew Holland Ashor was born yesterday at 2:30pm!  He was only one day late, weighs 7lbs, and is 18.75 inches long.

I went to see my brother and sister-in-law on Sunday, and I told them that I had dreamed that very morning that Holland would be on his way soon.  “You have 24 hours,” I told them, “and that baby is OUT!”  (I did clarify that I had also dreamed that I was a time-travellor.)  But it turned out I was right!  As Monica and I sat and talked, she started having contraction.  By midnight, she and Geoff were headed to the hospital, and Holland was born 12 hours later!

My mom holding her new grandbaby for the first time…

My mom gives Monica some nursing tips as she feeds Holland for the first time…

My dad, and Holland’s big brother Corbin…

My dad took two of my favorite pictures: me with Corbin and Holland…

…and another photo by my dad, this time with the lantern — because EVERY baby should have a lantern, right?

Monica and Holland…

The hospital volunteers knitted little Christmasy hats for the December babies!

I’m so happy that my brother’s family of three is now a family of FOUR!

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Lena, etc.

I always love photographing my friend Lena, but this year was extra-special, because I got to drive out to the country and include her grandparents in our little photo shoot!  Their property in Jackson is incredibly beautiful, and I even left with a jar of homemade fig preserves!

One of the coolest dogs EVER, LeRoy…

Lena is so damn photogenic…

Love you, girl!

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2010 Fall Minishoots

This past weekend, I hosted my a Friends & Family day at Grant Park, specifically to say THANKS to all of the wonderful people who have helped our little photo business to grow over the past 6+ years.  I offered 15-minute Mini-Sessions to Facebook fans and previous clients for only $99, and gave each family a set of downloadable images.  I was SO happy to book the day totally full, and to spend it with such wonderful people!  It was an exciting challenge to shoot in the same little part of the park over and over, with only a quarter-hour to create something interesting and beautiful for each family.  These are some of my favorites shots from the day…

The Bartletts were guests at Tera and Brett’s wedding last year.  I KNEW I recognized them when I saw them walking up!  Of course, now they have a beautiful new little boy, too!

The Barton and Roe families chose back-to-back sessions, since the two “missus” are sisters!  How’s this little guy for a super-handsome son/nephew?

The DiLoreti family… yep, THOSE DiLoretis!  Amy is the event coordinator extraordinaire we’re always raving about!  She’s also on the board of a Labrador rescue organization, so her two babies are of the furry persuasion!

Meet Abby and Lucky…

I photographed Monica and Ricky’s wedding in the spring, and it was wonderful to see them just in time for their 7-month anniversary!

The Greens are friends of Dan’s from Ohio.  He and Wes went to school together!  They just moved to Atlanta less than a week ago, and it was so fun to photograph them with two of their five (5!) fur-babies.



Dan and I met Claire and Tim at Sara and Itan’s wedding almost two years ago!  Claire’s sister Carrie is also completely fabulous, and I was so happy for them to come out for some photos.  We are seriously blessed with the best friends in the world!

Dan and I photographed Jana and John’s wedding in 2007, and their little boy is almost one-and-a-half years old now!

Ellie Kurz is an amazing photographer who just moved to Atlanta with her ADORABLE family.  It was so wonderful to finally meet her after knowing of her and her work from a distance!

LOVE little kid smiles!

Cayla fills so many categories I can’t even begin to describe her!  Dan and I photographed Cayla and Ryan’s wedding in 2006, and now Cayla works with me as my hair and makeup stylist on all my boudoir shoots!  (You can visit her at Bob Steele Salon‘s Post Riverside location.) She is AMAZING — and now she and her equally amazing husband are about to be parents!

I’ll be photographing Catherine and Michael’s wedding this coming spring!  Catherine is also a coworker of my mom’s, and both are wonderful musicians.  Their specific request was for headshots, but I had to squeeze in some photos of the two of them, too!

Ahhh… love.  YAY!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out!  You made my weekend WONDERFUL!

And for those of you whose babies got sick, or whose schedules didn’t cooperate… I’ll be doing this again soon!

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Mr. Luke and the Awesome Parents

Photos by Anne Almasy

Tim and Bethany are two of our favorite people. Now they have an adorable little boy to join in on the favoriteness! Luke is so stinkin’ cute, I can’t NOT cuddle him whenever he’s around! Around his 3-month birthday, I went up to their house for a mini-shoot of the new little fam. They didn’t need a TON of photos, because Tim is an incredible photographer himself, (check out his work!), and he’s already building an outstanding (overwhelming) collection of photos of his first son! But, as the picture-taker, Tim isn’t in any of those photos, so I was happy to remedy that situation. These are just a few that I extra-loved from our short shoot together…

I think Luke looks JUST like his daddy… but with Bethany’s eyes…

You know photo-time is over when the baby starts crying!

Tim and Bethany, I’m so glad you guys are in our lives! I love you to pieces!