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Engaged! Rebecca + Isaac

Rebecca and Isaac got engaged in July, and they’ll be married in October! We think there’s really nothing better than finding the love of your life and then getting married without delay. Hooray for love!

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Dan and I were honored to photograph Jessica and Ed on their wedding day three years ago, so it was extra-exciting to hear that they’re expecting their first baby!  This little one will be the first grandchild for both of their families, so I think this baby will be completely overwhelmed with love from day one!

Jessica was completely stunning when I got to the house, in that way that all mommies-to-be manage.  She said she felt kinda “ick”, but — truly — Jess, you are GORGEOUS!

This next picture may be my all-time favorite from this shoot.  LOVE.

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Engaged! Diane + Billy

We make engagement photos all the time, but Diane and Billy’s was our first ACTUAL “engagement” – right in front of us at the Westin Sun Dial, Billy got down on one knee and asked Diane to be his wife!  We were so thrilled to be part of this very special occasion for the self-proclaimed city-girl and country-boy.  They may come from different places, but Diane and Billy share so much more in common: the same birthday, the same family names, and even the same favorite animal at the Georgia Aquarium!  After documenting their engagement at the Sun Dial, we drove over to the Aquarium where Diane and Billy met up with their families and enjoyed a private behind-the-scenes tour.  (Truly, this is THE way to enjoy the Aquarium!)  We just can’t say enough about what an incredible experience this was for us.  THANK YOU, Diane and Billy!