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Gracie is a rescue dog, a sweet Schnauzer who was adopted by the most wonderful mom a puppy could ask for. Lori loved Gracie enough to see her through cancer treatments, and Lori loves Gracie enough to stick with her now that her cancer has returned, and the doctor says nothing more can be done. When I visited Gracie and Lori a few days ago, Lori said Gracie likely only had days left to live. I haven’t heard from Lori recently, so I an hoping and praying that Gracie is still fighting the good fight. I know when she finally passes she will be missed so, so very much.

Here is little Gracie, lying on the blanket Lori’s mom made when Gracie was first diagnosed with cancer…

Gracie’s adopted brother Charlie…

Getting her whiskers brushed…

Lori with both of her pups…

Gracie’s favorite treat is the little “pill pocket” that her medicine used to go in.  Now Lori lets her eat them just for fun!

Lori, thank you so much for opening your home to me during such a difficult time.  Gracie is truly a remarkable dog, with such an incredible spirit.  I’m so grateful for the chance to know her!  -Anne

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Aftershoot: Rankin + Travis

Rankin and Travis were married last fall, but they got all dressed up again for an Aftershoot with me at Westminster, where they met one another in high school.  Awww!  Thanks, Cayla, for yet another gorgeous styling job!

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Married! Rachael + Caleb

At last! Blogging Rachael and Caleb’s wedding marks BIG progress in our huge editing load this wedding season! Several unexpected life events conspired against us in late spring, threatening to put us behind with all of our post-production. Most challenging of all was that my baby sister was in a serious car accident at the end of May… the same day we had moved into our new apartment… while my parents were out of the country. AH! But through all of the craziness, it was more apparent than ever how truly AMAZING all of our clients are. Everybody responded to the delay with nothing but understanding and grace, and we are so enormously thankful for their patience.

Now that we’re almost caught up, we’re starting to breath normally again and remember why we love our job so much!

We fell in love with Rachael and Caleb the very first time we met them. Rachael had followed our work since seeing Lauren and Mike’s wedding in The Knot magazine (cool, huh?), and we were one of the very first vendors she and Caleb booked for their wedding!  This couple is TOTALLY, absolutely in love with each other, and they have been hard at work preparing for their new life together — even building their own house from the ground up!  We are so thrilled to have shared their wedding celebration with them!

Rachael and Caleb got married at Winder First Baptist Church.  On the property behind the church building is a huge oak tree that Rachael LOVES.  They used the oak tree as the motif for their wedding beautifully crafted wedding invitations and programs by Plain Jane Designs.

It was pretty unbearably hot outside, but Rachael was a trooper and didn’t hesitate to walk out into the field behind the church for photos.  She’s a new photographer herself, so she was willing to do just about anything for pictures.  (Yay!)

Rachael’s hair was styled by the very talented Brooke Pickard of Bob Salon in Athens.  Brooke deserves a huger-than-huge shout-out, because the poor thing was sick the day of the wedding, but she stuck it out and gave Rachael’s and her bridesmaids beautiful hair styles!  Dan and I know first-hand how hard it is to work when you’re sick, and Brooke pulled it off like nobody’s business.  Awesome job, girl!

Gardenia Floral Design put together the stunning bouquets…

Caleb sent his best man out to surprise Rachael with a wedding-day gift: the wedding band that matched her engagement ring.  She didn’t think she would have a second ring since they have been putting all of their money into their new house, but Caleb made it happen!

For Caleb, Rachael framed a photograph she had taken of his hands as he worked on their house…

Rachael also wrote letters to each of her parents.  They knew to have tissues ready before opening the cards!

Time to get married!

Two beautiful sets of parents, both still happily married after all these years!

THE oak tree…

Rachael and Caleb hosted dinner for their friends and family at Winder Community Center, a BEAUTIFUL space for the after-party!

Rachael’s dad shares a short, but emotional, toast…

Coordinator extraordinaire Natalie Bradley suggested a candy bar — which the kids LOVED (of course!)

We were lucky to partake in the scrumptious catering by Classic City Chef.  The deviled eggs were particularly dee-lish!

After dinner, Rachael and Caleb drove off in Caleb’s truck, finally MARRIED!

Rachael and Caleb, I can’t tell you how much Dan and I have loved getting to know you guys and your families!  We feel like old friends already.  Thank you so much for everything — oh, and “Steve” says “hi”.  ;)  OXOX

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Funny Little Photos (Emily + Harrison)

When I finally finish editing a full wedding, I always have a short stack of photos that I wish I’d included in the first blog post. Maybe I overlooked them at first; maybe I already had too many images to post; whatever the reason, I just can’t ignore them now!  Here are a handful from Emily and Harrison’s wedding that cracked me up or choked me up… or both.

For starters, the guys ALWAYS manage to get stuffed in some horrible conference room or closet to get ready (unlike the bride, who is always in a beautifully appointed suite of some sort).  In Harrison’s case, the guys were in the public restroom.  Yes.  For real.  Urinal and all.  God bless Dan for taking this picture.

Emily’s shoes were red, so most of the shoe pictures are in color.  But… I just like this:

I posted another shot from this series in the original blog post, but this one is SO much more awesome.  Emily’s wink and the totally sassy pose are just too fabulous!

I’m not sure who this girl is (I mean, of course she was one of the guests!), but she looks SO beautiful here.  It’s a great little bit of lighting for which Dan deserves all the credit.


And more sweet.

And creepy and sweet, all at once.

And rockin’.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I mean, what’s a wedding if someone doesn’t spank the bride at SOME point during the reception?

Lucky light.

How did I not fall in love with this exit shot the first time around?  I have no idea.  I absolutely ADORE it now!  The guests saying goodbye and taking pictures, Emily waving and laughing…

K.  That’s all.  *muah*

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Published! Pauline + Garry in The Knot

Pauline and Garry’s STUNNING DC wedding was just published in The Knot’s Fall/Winter 2010 edition!  Check it out on newsstands in DC, Maryland, and Virginia!