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1st Picks: Jenn + Billy

It’s that time of the year! We are INSANELY busy over here, editing, ordering, designing… every year when fall rolls around I’m reminded why we never get around to sending out Christmas cards! :)

Because we have so many fabulous couples waiting to see their photos, and because we can’t finish EVERYTHING before the holidays, we’re upping the number of 1st Picks to show 10 or more of our favorite from the wedding day. Jenn and Billy are the lucky couples to start this trend, with 13 shots that we LOVED at first site! These are only from the first half of the day — portraits and ceremony. The PARTY will come later!

Jenn and Billy, you guys are AWESOME, and we’re SOOOOOOOOOO happy for you two! We hope you love this little sneak peak of your photos!

To start, we pulled some of our favorite getting ready shots.  I LOVE Jenn’s face here and she messes with her hair.

Anne’s shot

Okay, so it’s HIS WEDDING DAY, and he’s WRITING HIS VOWS.  This man does stuff last-minute, but he does do it well!  He and Jenn spoke beautiful, heartfelt words to one another during their ceremony.

Dan’s shot

Jenn’s mom helping her get her veil in place.  (Yes, that’s her mom, not her sister!)

Anne’s shot

Billy checks his watch…

Dan’s shot

We had TONS of time with Jenn and Billy before their ceremony for portraits!  HOORAY!  Seriously, THE best way to get LOTS and lots of great portraits!

I especially love the next series: same location; two different points of view.

Anne’s shot

Dan’s shot

Anne’s shot

Dan’s shot

Hello, beautifuls!

Anne’s shot

Anne’s shot

I am IN LOVE with this picture.  Billy was hidden backstage before the ceremony, praying, worshipping, fighting nerves…

Dan’s shot

I also love this photo: just the tail end of Jenn’s looooooooooong, beautiful train as she walks down the stairs with her dad.

Dan’s shot

Last but not least… Jenn and Billy gave explicit orders that we not only could, but SHOULD go wherever we needed/wanted/felt like in order to get great ceremony photos.  We’re always scared to be too obtrusive, but we did our best to follow their instructions without stealing the show.  ;)  Thankfully the backstage area gave us lots of opportunities to sneak up for great shots.  This one of the unity candle is my favorite of my photos from their ceremony:

Anne’s shot

More to come!!!

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Married! Tera + Brett

**See Tera and Brett’s slideshow by CLICKING HERE!

You’ve already seen the details; now for the PEOPLE!

Tera and Brett’s wedding set a new standard for truly unique wedding celebrations.  Their entire day was centered around the love they share with one another, and the friends and family who have impacted them.  They threw out the wedding traditions that didn’t fit them, and embraced new ideas that allowed them to maximize their time with the people they love most.

Even their venue was one-of-a-kind.  With an open, airy rooftop for cocktails; a secluded, tree-lined courtyard for the ceremony; and a warm, homey dining room for dinner; JCT Kitchen was one of THE coolest venues for an all-in-one wedding day that we’ve ever seen!

To start the day, here’s Tera, working her feet into her red wedding shoes:

Brett came to Tera’s hotel room door to pick her up for portraits.  Tera’s mom got really excited as soon as she realized the groom had arrived!

Tera and Brett wanted to revisit all of the locations from their first date!

First up: playing frisbee at Freedom Park.

Next stop: our FAVORITE Atlanta bookstore, a little shop in an old house, packed full of books from floor to ceiling.  (Shh!  Picture-taking isn’t *technically* allowed!)

Last stop: a walk to Cafe di Sol for a bottle of wine and some yummy hummus!  With us were Brett’s brother, and Tera’s sister and her husband.  This made up their perfect little wedding party!


Tera and Brett held their cocktail hour BEFORE their ceremony, so they could spend some time mingling with their friends and family. The Atlanta skyline, reflected in the windows of JCT Kitchen‘s bar.

Tera’s sister Katie was sympathizing with Brett over something.  Or maybe she was making fun of him.  I don’t know, I just love her expression!  :)

Tera’s grandfather:

Showing off their photobooth photo:

Tera’s brother-in-law rehearses the song he will perform during the ceremony.

Ceremony time!  The nerves hit as Tera and Brett wait to walk down the aisle together…

I love these little moments when someone looks right into the lens, but not because they’re cheesing for the camera.  Instead it feels like we’ve been invited into this special moment with the bride and groom.

Tera’s mom and step-dad:

Brett’s dad and mom:

Tera’s dad and step-mom:

Tera’s grandmother gets ready to take a picture of the newlyweds:

Everyone moved inside for dinner just in time for the rain to start!

Someone is getting sleeeeeeeeepy…

Night’s over…

Tera and Brett, THANK YOU for making us part of your wedding day!

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Details: Tera + Brett

Tera and Brett filled their wedding with so many wonderful, personal details that we had to give them their own blog post! They chose the very cool JCT Kitchen in Atlanta to host their celebration, and built the rest of their decor around the themes already present at JCT. (Smart, huh?)

Tera wore an AMAZING Lela Rose gown that she purchased at Candler Park’s Kelly’s Closet.

The local Candler Park Flower Market designed the bouquets and other flowery decorations.

Tera and Brett’s out-of-town guests were welcomed at their hotel with a little box of homemade sugar cookies!

In a complete twist on the usual cocktail hour, Tera and Brett hosted THEIR cocktail hour BEFORE the ceremony!  Guests joined them one hour before they were to marry, and everyone had the chance to eat, drink, and be merry before settling in for the ceremony.

The Majestic Photo Booth Company set up for guests to take photographs of themselves for a guestbook full of pictures and sweet notes!

MONTHS before Tera and Brett’s wedding, we found this bottle cap and knew we would use it for a ring shot. We saved it specifically for Tera and Brett.

In lieu of traditional place cards, little tags were pinned to this burlap board, directing each guest to his or her table.


Tera and Brett stuck oversized silver house number into white pumpkins to create these fabulous table numbers!


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2010 Senior: Angela

It was kind of surreal to photograph Angela, who graduates form high school in just a few months. Angela’s big sis is one of my very best friends from my own high school years, and seeing our little sisses grow up makes us all weepy and proud. Angela is smart — she’s headed into some sort of science field that’s way over my head — and athletic and TOTALLY beautiful!

When we stepped into this field, I looked down at a huge patch of clover.  I said, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if we found a 4-leaf clover in here?”  I have NEVER, EVER found a 4-leaf clover in my LIFE.  But as soon as I squatted down next to the little plants this GIANT 4-leafer was staring me straight in the face.  LUCKY DAY!

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Engaged! Amanda + Graham

Amanda and Graham are just precious together! Amanda is teeny-tiny, and Graham is 6’5″, but they fit so perfectly with one another. They both laughed their way through our entire E-Shoot, and really just couldn’t get enough of one another. We’re SO excited to be their photographers!

This was part of an art installation downtown, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make Amanda and Graham part of it:


THANKS, Amanda and Graham, for giving us your Sunday afternoon!  You two are WONDERFUL!

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1st Picks: Brooke + Jonathan

We were blessed to spend last weekend in Charleston, South Carolina celebrating Brooke and Jonathan’s wedding!  The weather was more perfect that perfect, and the love Brooke and Jonathan have for one another was completely contagious!

Here’s Brooke, about to walk down the aisle, tearing up as she looks at her husband-to-be, waiting for her at the other end.

They’re married!

The sun was setting as their ceremony came to a close…

Brooke and Jonathan were SO excited to find out that their white tent had been replaced with a clear-top tent.  Here they are, dancing their first dance under the stunning Charleston night sky.

We can’t wait to share more with you!

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