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1st Picks: Pauline + Garry

We’re a little belated in sharing Pauline and Garry’s 1st Picks from their Washington, D.C. wedding. We got back to Atlanta last Monday, and it took us a few days to get our act together after being out of town for several days!

The trip was AMAZING. I won’t go into all of it here, but suffice it to say that we will definitely go back to D.C. again, and we will definitely call Pauline and Garry to meet us for lunch!

Here are a few favorites from their wedding day…

Pauline is Russian, so she and Garry incorporated some touches from her home country in their decor.

Portraits at the Jefferson Memorial!

This photo just feels dreamlike. That’s why it’s here. :)

We don’t usually post a shot like this as a 1st Pick, but we LOVE the purple color palette Pauline and Garry chose!

More to come!

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Remembering Thomas.

There are not words to express the tremendous sorrow we feel at having learned that our client, a wonderful man named Thomas Peake, died this week while hiking in the Grand Canyon. We had the honor of photographing Thomas’s wedding with his wife Dena in 2006.  Even in the short time we spent with Dena and Thomas, it was evident that anyone would be hard-pressed to find a more vibrant couple with larger hearts.  We are devastated to learn of Dena’s loss, and our tears and prayers go out to Thomas’s family and friends.

The world is a better place because Thomas was here.

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Engaged! Julia + Carson

We’re so happy to be photographing Julia and Carson’s wedding next year!  They claim to be totally awkward in front of the camera, but we LOVED photographing them!  Carson lives in Atlanta’s Castleberry Hill neighborhood, so we headed out past Phillips Arena for photos…

This is one of my favorites:

Another favorite:

More wonderful Atlanta graffiti!

I think they look like a magazine ad in this one:

We got in a little bit of trouble for trespassing, but this skyline view was totally worth it!

Julia and Carson, we can’t wait to celebrate with you in the spring!

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Little Miss Ella, 3 Mo.

Georgianna and Ella came over for a few more photos!

Mom & Baby:

Shy Baby:

Baby Feet:

Scary Baby:

Baby Bottom:

Baby Bow:

Baby in a Bucket:

Thoughtful Baby:

I gave Georgianna my camera and she snapped a picture of me and Dan with Ella.  Little naked babies are TOO much fun to squeeze!  Georgianna’s lucky we gave her back!  :)

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1st Picks: Rankin + Travis

I hate 1st Picks! It’s SO hard to choose just a couple of photos for a sneak preview! But here they are…

Rankin walking out to see Travis for the first time in her wedding dress…

The newlyweds-to-be:

Last dance:

More to come!