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Engaged! Tera + Brett

Big thanks to JONI and TIFFANY for sending Tera and Brett our way!

They’re getting married in October, and it’s going to be FUN FUN FUN, with a totally new venue (for us) and lots of personal touches (from them). :)

They both mountain bike, so we had to include their bikes in some photos…

I like that they’re laying down in the foreground, and their bikes are laying down in the background.

We did not spray paint the wall.  It had already been done for us.  Oh Atlanta… how I love you!

Tera and Brett, thanks for coming out on a super-hot August evening for pictures!

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Married! Stacy + Bryan

**Click HERE to see the slideshow!

Stacy and Bryan were married on a beautiful sunny day in Auburn, Alabama. We had not had the opportunity to meet either of them before their wedding day, so we didn’t know what to expect when we showed up at Auburn United Methodist Church. When we walked into the bride’s room at the church, we were greeted by the most beautiful, relaxed bride! Stacy was positively glowing, and all of her bridesmaids were stunning in their rose-colored gowns. Bryan was just as wonderful, laid-back, and of course totally handsome.  :)  We’re so happy that we got to share this celebration with them!

Wedding Gown: Rivina

Hair & Makeup: Ashley with A P Pearson Salon

Flowers: The Flower Store

Cakes & Catering: Ursula’s Catering

Stacy getting ready:

Bryan in a bowtie:

Stacy’s brother, Tommy, was called to basic training and had to leave for military service just days before his sister’s wedding.  He surprised the family by sending a life-size cardboard cutout of himself to “fill in” on the wedding day!

Stacy and Bryan spent some private moments together in the sanctuary, seeing one another for the first time in their wedding day clothes.  Bryan is holding the letter Stacy brought for him, and Stacy is holding the box with Bryan’s wedding band.

Sometimes a picture is just pretty. This OOF photo of Stacy in front of the window is so dreamy.  We had to post it.

My favorite part of this photograph is the junior groomsman, with his shirt not quite tucked in.

Stacy had six – count’em, SIX – adorable little flower girls who were Stacy’s ballet students.  Here are are taking a break in front of a Disney movie in the bride’s room before lining up for the ceremony.

Stacy and her dad wait in the vestibule for their turn to walk down the aisle.

To AUMC’s coordinator: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for allowing me to hide in the choir entrance room and capture this angle of the ceremony.  I know Stacy and Bryan will be so grateful for your willingness to bend the rules a little!

Stacy’s grandfather drove them straight from the church to their reception at Auburn University’s Jule Collins Smith Museum.

First dance:

Stacy and her dad:

Bryan and his mom:

Before the cake-cutting, we snagged Stacy and Bryan for just a few minutes to take a couple of photographs in the cornfield across the parking lot.  We had to work quickly so they could get back to the party, so we popped out a flash and – ta-da!  We love this photo.  :)  Oh, and that’s not camera noise OR stars in the sky above them – it’s dust from the corn swirling around above them!

Party time!  We were so excited to see one of our ALL-TIME FAVORITE wedding bands, Atlanta Showstoppers. This group is incredible!

To fight the heat and humidity, fans were set up around the perimeter of the reception tent.  This little girl found the perfect spot to cool off!


One of Bryan’s sisters congratulates a very surprised junior bridesmaid for catching the bouquet!

The last dance:

The big exit:

We are SO glad that Bryan’s parents invited us to photograph their son’s wedding after seeing us at Tyler and Will’s wedding in January!

Stacy and Bryan, you guys were wonderful!  Congratulations!

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Engaged! Jenn & Billy

The past couple of weeks have been SO busy for us, and we’ve fallen way behind with our blogging! To rev things back up, here are some favorites from Jenn and Billy’s E-Shoot. These two have so much energy and passion — for life and for each other! We can’t wait to celebrate with them in November!

We found a series of abandoned train cars on some old tracks in east Atlanta.  It was great to climb all over the train without worrying about getting arrested!

Jenn is a photographer, too, and she brought some of her old cameras to incorporate into the shoot.

Billy is a musician, and we got to hear him serenade Jenn for this series!

Jenn said, “You have to take a picture of our butts while they’re small and cute.”  HA.