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1st Picks: Ollie + Brandon

A couple of shots from Ollie and Brandon’s GORGEOUS wedding last Sunday!

More to come!

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Boudoir = Bedroom

I’m so glad my most recent boudoir client decided to have her boudoir photographs made in her own home! The “boudoir” is the woman’s bedroom, after all; the place where she should feel most comfortable and free to express herself. I think the partners really love in-home photos, too. They get to enjoy photographs of their ladies just as they truly se them in their most intimate moments… in their homes… in their boudoirs.

No faces, as always.  :)  I’m protecting privacy here, mamas!

After sharing these photographs with my client, she wrote a really sweet e-mail, which she said I could share.

“…I had really high expectations for these photos (I, hubby, AND our families still talk about how amazing the ones you guys took of our wedding are) and I was nonetheless ecstatic when I saw them.  They are absolutely wonderful – fun and flirty, sexy but elegant – and exactly what I’d hoped for.  After we scheduled the appointment,  I vacillated between whether this was a good idea or not since I’m not a very outgoing type of person.  I’m so glad I didn’t cancel!  The shoot was amazingly not-awkward (kudos to you!) and the results are fantastic. I will undoubtedly be encouraging the ladies in my life to do a boudoir shoot with you…”

Learn more about boudoir here.

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Married! Molly + Jamie

**CLICK to watch the slideshow!

Molly and Jamie’s wedding day dawned with the most perfect weather imaginable for the end of April! We spent the weekend with them in Augusta, a quintessential southern town in eastern Georgia. The couple put us up in the most adorable little cottage right across the street from the bride’s family’s home — so perfect since the wedding reception took place in Molly’s family’s back yard!

Molly told us that her sister hosted her wedding reception in the family’s back yard several years ago, and, despite the chaos and craziness, when it was all said and done, Molly’s dad said, “I can’t imagine doing this any other way.” We’re so glad!

Here are a few of the perfect southern details from their celebration, catered and coordinated by Very Vera:

Molly wore a sapphire ring from Jamie’s grandmother, along with wedding bands that she gave them.  

Molly got ready at home, with her niece and sister-in-law-to-be looking on.  They all had a good laugh over Molly’s messy ‘do as her stylist prepped her hair for the final style.  Doesn’t Molly have THE most beautiful smile?

After football in the park, Jamie got ready at the nearby Partridge Inn.

Amid the last-minute hustle and bustle, Molly’s father caught his first glimpse of her in her wedding gown.

Molly’s Jenny Lee gown came from my favorite Atlanta bridal boutique, Kelly’s Closet. Her veil was a 19th century Belgium lace antique, shared with over 30 Augusta brides by the family who owns it. The BEST “something old” we’ve ever seen!

The groom.

Molly and Jamie had written love notes to one another, and they just happened to be reading them at the exact same time before their ceremony.  We couldn’t believe it when we looked at the photographs.  As Molly’s dad said, “They’re sharing tears.”

Jamie let’s out a nervous sigh as he waits with Molly’s brother-in-law to walk down the aisle.  He was already choking up before the processional even began!

A quick kiss just seconds before the doors to the sanctuary were opened.

We were completely confused about the rules about photography in the church — apparently we weren’t supposed to be anywhere but the balcony!  But we honestly didn’t know, and Dan had positioned himself behind the choir loft next to the videographer.  He had a fantastic angle and got the best shots of the ceremony!  Ignorance is bliss! 

Anne was out in the vestibule, and grabbed this kiss shot through the old glass in the sanctuary doors.

They’re married!

The newlyweds outside Trinity-on-the-Hill United Methodist.

So everyone has seen the ever-popular shoe picture, right?  Well, Molly didn’t wear shoes!  I think it made this shot even better!

Molly’s loose and wavy hairstyle was created by her friend Kristen from KFD Designs, who also designed the jewelry for the bridesmaid’s gifts! 

Introductions and first dance!

Our new FAVORITE wedding band, Atlanta Showstoppers, ROCKED the first dance with a live performance of Jack Johnson’s “Better Together.” Seriously, you would’ve thought Jack Johnson was in the room!  And if that wasn’t enough, they also blew away hits by Michael Jackson, Beyonce, The Temptations, and so much more. We really can’t say enough about how amazing this band was!

These two little guys were DYING for Molly and Jamie to cut the cakes!  Jamie’s soccer ball groom’s cake was the main focus for these guys – of course!  

LOVE this dancing detail of the junior bridesmaid.  She just let loose!  Her little legs are so jumpy and adorable!

Molly and her brother seriously TORE UP the dance floor.  They were amazing!

The beauty of this image might not be immediately apparent.  It’s Molly (of course), with her dad’s hand on her waist, and her husband’s hand on her hip.  The two men in her life.  :)  Beautiful, huh?  They were just standing like this when Anne happened to grab a quick shot.

Molly and some of the girls took the stage for a couple of songs.

The big exit!

Molly and Jamie, we are so glad you chose us to share in your celebration!  You are definitely on for that lunch you mentioned!  ;)

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So, You Wanna Shoot Weddings?

**UPDATE:  The class is full!  Thanks to everyone who has registered to attend!  We’re looking forward to spending the day with you all!**

Over the past 5 years, we’ve watched our wedding photography business grow from a part-time side-job into a full-fledged career. Along with that growth have come plenty of struggles, but we’ve also been blessed with excitement, companionship, and creativity in a way we never could have imagined.

We cannot even begin to describe the number of e-mails we receive from photographers who, like we were 5 years ago, are building a business from the ground up.

We wish there were enough days in the year to accept all the requests for coffees and lunches, but there are only the two of us and, alas, work calls.

This July, we’re excited to announce that we will open our home to a handful of photographers to share the ups and downs of our own journey, and to pass on some of the hard-won knowledge that we would have loved to have had when we first began.  Keep reading for all the details!

Sunday, July 12, 2009
8am – Late Evening/Whenever  **NEW TIME!!**

Our Loft in Grant Park – Atlanta, GA

How Much:
$275 per person
$375 per 2-person studio team (This is specifically intended for couple-run businesses. Please, no tag-along friends or part-time assistants.)


This will benefit you if you have questions about:

Getting started. (You know how to shoot, but you’re clueless about how to build a wedding portfolio. There ARE ways to begin without relying on other pros to give you assisting gigs — trust us, we did it.)

Keeping organized. (Having all your ducks in a row is key to maintaining a business in the long run. Contracts, forms, invoices… we’ll share the stuff we use and help you create your own.)

Shooting. (We’re not geniuses. But we CAN share some helpful shooting tips that we wish we’d known when we first started. We’ll have a couple on site to act as our models for the day, so bring your cameras! We’ll also make sure each photographer goes home with a headshot.)

Editing. (In our experience, editing can be the bane of a photographer’s existence. We’ll walk you through the basics, and share our methods for creating the perfect end-product for your client in a timely manner.)

Basic Branding & Marketing + Photoshop. (When you’re starting off, you might not be able to spend a fortune on a graphic designer. We will share simple lessons on creating your own basic marketing materials as well as showing off some of our favorite post-production techniques. You’ll make the most of this if you bring a laptop with Photoshop installed, but it’s not required.)



Registration is full!

Space is limited to 10 photographers/studios.
PayPal your registration fee to
Registration is non-refundable.
Please include your contact information so we can send you additional details!

Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions. We’re looking forward to sharing with all of you!



**UPDATE:  The class is full!  Thanks to everyone who has registered to attend!  We’re looking forward to spending the day with you all!**

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Engaged! Brooke + Jonathan

Really getting to know each couple we work with is probably the most fun part of our job!  We had an awesome afternoon shooting with Brooke and Jonathan, then they joined us for trivia at Tin Lizzy’s!  FUN!  We can’t wait to see them in Charleston in November!

Brooke and Jonathan are super-smiley…

…AND super-silly!

They were seriously just standing like this, no prompting.  Awww…..

Brooke and Jonathan asked for some skyline shots, and we took these within only 3 minutes of each other.  Yay for flash!

See you guys at trivia again soon? ;)

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Married! Sara + Itan

**CLICK to watch the slideshow!

I think that we get more out of control with each blog post. Narrowing this one to only 35 photos was (seriously) not an easy task, and it’s STILL way more than usual! We’re going to have to start imposing stricter limits on ourselves!

Sara and Itan’s wedding weekend in Savannah was the most perfect, beautiful weekend anyone could have asked for! Top that off with what may be our NEW most favorite venue on the planet, and it was truly an amazing celebration!

Sara started her day at Salon Della Vita with Nicole, who gave her a stunning vintage-inspired ‘do!

Itan and his guys took the ferry to lunch at the Westin.

Sara makes the most adorable expressions!  It made it that much harder to narrow down to our favorite photos!

The RED dress!  YAY!

Sara’s mom found this beautiful costume necklace for her in an Indian clothing store.  (Another cute face!)

Okay, now for the insanely amazing venue.

Sara and Itan celebrated at The Roundhouse, a train museum that is just blocks from the heart of historic Savannah.

This huge lighthouse/smokestack-looking building was in the center of the main courtyard, and was the perfect setting for their first look at one another…

The guests were all asked to wear black and white, and the wedding party did the same.  Sara and Itan were the only pops of color, which looked incredible!

I love the look on Itan’s face as he saw Sara walk down the aisle!

Sara and her dad…

A family portrait post-ceremony…

First dance…

YUM! Cake!

Itan’s friend Shmriti (I hope I spelled that right!) danced for them!  She was incredible!

Two of the flower girls got into the bubbles a little ahead of time…

Jai Ho!  (The new wedding dance?)

We also have to give a shout out to the awesome artists who created Sara and Itan’s gorgeous invitations and programs.  Check them out:

Invitations: Samantha Aron
Programs: Timothy Aron

Sara and Itan, we are so honored to be been part of your wedding celebration!  THANK YOU for making us feel SO incredibly welcome, and for having SUCH A FLIPPIN’ COOL WEDDING!!!