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Excuse us while we inflate our ego to an extraordinary size.

We sent Sara and Itan some greeting cards.
And Sara sent us the craziest-cool e-mail EVER.

“oh my gosh!
we just got the thank you notes!
holy sh*t!!!! those are SO AWESOME!!!

you guys are the absolute coolest photographers i could possibly imagine…i can’t tell you how glad i am that we found you. YA’LL ARE THE BEST!!!
the picture is so beautiful, the graphic design is so flawless…you guys KEEP BLOWING MY MIND every time i turn around…

i’ve probably said it 100 times this week, i paid way more than i thought i would for photographers, but i still feel with 100% certainty that i got a GREAT deal, b/c you guys are the best, and i am sure that in a couple of years it will have cost me double to get your services…b/c you are the f-ing BEST!


thank you for everything…
i’m rambling…
eventually i’m going to regain my composure…
and then i’m going to write a bunch of blurbs about how awesome ya’ll are and attribute half to me and half to itan and send them to you for your website (if you opt to use them is up to you…but i just HAVE to scream it from the mountain top!)

dan and anne…
thank you…

you really REALLY really REALLY go WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY above and beyond what i imagined possible for the documentarians of my wedding!

thank you!




No, Sara, thank YOU for making our heads too big for our necks… and for letting us share your awesome note!

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1st Picks: Molly + Jamie

AMAZING weekend in Augusta, Georgia with Molly and Jamie!

Dan’s ceremony shot (made all the more awesome because Anne wasn’t allowed in the sanctuary and Dan shot the whole ceremony solo! AH!):

Anne’s first dance shot (a favorite because they were SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be married!):

More to come!

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Blogged! Offbeat Bride

**Check it out!

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Georgianna + JB + BABY!

Georgianna and JB are expecting! Baby #1 is due in May, and I’m so glad we were able to squeeze in some portraits before Miss Ella joins us. 

Here’s Georgianna…

And the proud mama and papa…

I like this little picture spot:

I haven’t done any shooting on seamless since school!  It was fun to pull out the paper and do some studio portraits for a change.

This overgrown lot is seriously better than our previous ones.  Look at all that green!

Georgianna wanted a shot incorporating the tiny baby shoes she wore as an infant, and that her daughter will wear when she’s born!  I dug around and found a ton of cheesy traditional ways to photograph baby shoes, then I decided I wanted to do something less “mommy-and-me” and more “I’m a hipster baby”. ;)

I love this shot.  Georgianna is one sexy prego lady!

Last but not least, our friends, clients, and stylists Elli and Jason. Yes, we shot their wedding last summer!  Elli is also an AWSOME hair stylist and makeup artist, and she was with us the whole time to make sure Georgianna’s hair and makeup were perfect!  Get in touch with her at Bob Steele Salon’s Post Riverside location.

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Casual: Lauren + Mike

We photographed Lauren and Mike’s wedding WAY back in 2007. Well, it feels like more than 2 years have passed…! Anyway, Lauren and Mike have been instrumental in referring, oh, at least half of the couples with whom we’ve worked over the past couple of years! Seriously, these two know everyone! The least we could to to thank them for being such huge fans was to take them out for some anniversary photos…

The timing was perfect, too, because Lauren was actually in need of some personal photographs for her business’s website. Mike wasn’t too keen on being over-photographed, so Lauren got a mini fashion shoot of her own and we just dragged Mike in for a few shots. :)

If you haven’t already discovered her, you MUST check out Lauren’s fashion blog, Edit! Lauren provides style advice and shopping assistance to men, women, and children all over the country! I’m so excited to see her creativity thriving!

As it turns out, the day wound up being less about photos and more about having an amazing time with an amazing couple! We’re so grateful for the people we get to meet in the course of our work, and Lauren and Mike are no exception. We knew they were awesome, but spending last Thursday with them was truly the icing on the cake. I think we hung out for… 7 hours? Really!?  You guys are the best!


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Married! Sara + Itan (Part 2)

We weren’t even supposed to take pictures at Sara and Itan’s rehearsal dinner, but we couldn’t help ourselves. ;) These are just a few shots of family fun and happiness from their dinner at Savannah’s Churchill’s pub.

Itan and his sister…

Itan’s mom…

Itan’s uncle…

These scrumptious cookies are Sara’s grandmother’s recipe!

Sara and her dad…

Sara and Itan shared a slideshow of photos of them through the years.  These were the reactions to those photos…

Last but not least, we finish with a shot of Sara’s favorite: Ms. Pac-Man.  ;)

Wedding day photographs coming SOON!

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