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1st Picks: Michelle + Tomi’s Wedding Day

Saturday was Michelle and Tomi’s wedding day! It was an amazing celebration that we will always remember. We saw so many familiar faces, and met a ton of wonderful new people as well. HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who made the day such a fantastic success!

Here are a couple of shots that we loved… it was so hard to pick just 2 for this post!

Anne’s detail of the shoes:

Michelle & Tomis Wedding Shoes

Dan’s shot from the end of the First Dance:

Michelle & Tomi Celebrate Their First Dance

More to come!

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WPJA 2008 Q4

I got home from our (SUPER FABULOUS) wedding on Saturday to find that the latest WPJA contest results were in! YAY!

I’m very excited to have placed 4 images this time. There are so many great shots up, and it’s an honor to see my name alongside some of my favorite photographers worldwide.

From Michelle & Tomi’s E-Shoot, in the “Engagement Portraits” category:

From Sarah & Dan’s wedding, in the “Cake Cutting” category:

From Megan & Reggie’s wedding, in the “Departure” category:

From Elli & Jason’s wedding, in the “Creative Portrait” category:

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1st Picks: Michelle + Tomi’s Engagement Ceremony

It’s late and I SHOULD be in bed, but I just had to share a couple of images from Michelle and Tomi’s Nigerian engagement ceremony this afternoon! This party was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and we are both SO happy that we got to take part!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Michelle and Tomi!!!

Now, I’m pretty sure that both of these shots are actually Dan’s, rather than our typical one-each, but they were too beautiful not to share tonight, and I wanted to give the newlyweds-to-be all the attention.


First, Tomi dances in, surrounded by friends and family:

Then, after her own celebratory entrance, Michelle is escorted toward Tomi at the alter:

Tomorrow is the wedding day! Time to catch some shut-eye!

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Favorites: Heather + Dirk

Over the holidays we asked Heather and Dirk to each select their favorite photograph from their wedding day. It’s always really fun for us to see which images really resonate with our clients, and why.

Here’s what Heather had to say:

“…How do you expect people to pick 2, btw? :) This was too difficult!

WHY? We love the lighting and how the party setting is right behind us. It captures the mood of the day. I love our shadows and the fact that it’s outside. It is posed yet not posed… comfortable looking.
Our parents say it looks like a magazine cover…

WHY? This is the picture that we refer to as our “staple.” It is so serene and the texture and colors behind us are gorgeous. It looks so natural and we feel it really captures us. We both feel beautiful in
this picture- and I think you can feel the love just looking at it.

Love, love, love this… you guys “caught” us here I do believe!!!”

Thanks so much for sharing, Heather!

Oh, and for all of our couples out there who are still in the planning stages of their wedding, Heather has launched her own event planning service in the southeast! Check out her beautiful website here: Event Jolie, complete with some of our images from her own wedding! FUN!

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Engaged! Melissa + Tony

Tony and Melissa’s long-time, long-distance relationship sounded so much like our own journey, we couldn’t help but connect with them in a big way!  Tony is only recently a Georgia resident, having let his native Minnesota and a successful rock band to be here with the love of his life. Melissa is an in-demand stylist at Bob Steele Salon (thank you for sending her our way, Elli!) — which explains that truly gorgeous hair she has goin’ on!

This vine-covered wall seemed like proof-positive that spring is on it’s way!  

You definitely wouldn’t know it by looking at these photos, but we were shooting just a few feet from a traffic-packed Dekalb Ave, and it was LOUD!!!!  We basically just had to trust Melissa and Tony to do their thing and look awesome, because they sure couldn’t hear us over the roar of the cars.

We’ve been searching for a new overgrown lot to shoot in since our favorite one was recently  mowed down.  :(  The spot we found on Tuesday DID have a big “No Trespassing: DOT Property” sign, but we figured it didn’t really mean us.  Right?

Love the overgrown railroad tracks!

A little bit of flash action…

Melissa’s expression here is just adorable!

Last shot of the day… reminder of the previous day’s storm.

Melissa and Tony, you guys are the BEST!  We don’t know how we’re gonna wait another 9 months for your wedding!  :D

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Engaged! Ollie + Brandon

We got to meet Ollie and Brandon for the first time EVER on Monday!  They got to our loft at 2pm, and we seriously couldn’t believe it when Ollie looked at her watch and gasped, “It’s 6 o’clock!”  Four hours?!?  Wow.  (Ollie and Brandon, we promise we weren’t trying to kidnap you!)  Of course, since they live all the way in Seattle we had to make the most of it — we probably won’t see them again until their wedding day!

Just a teensy portion of those 4 hours was spent making some photographs of the couple — a “mini” E-Shoot if you will.  :)

It seems like all of our favorite urban-wild locations are being mowed down or built over, so we were happy recently to discover this abandoned warehouse just around the corner.

Ollie’s ring…

Thank you guys SO much for sharing so much of your time with us!  We had a blast with you two, and we can’t wait for May!

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