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More Miss Elli. (Boudoir)

Two more images from Elli’s boudoir shoot. She is just too beautiful!

Learn more about my boudoir work on my website.


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Married! Tyler + Will

**Click HERE to see the slideshow!

Tyler and Will’s January wedding was about as perfect as anyone could have hoped for!  We were terrified of freezing rain or snow, but the day was only mildly overcast and temperatures in the 60s were more than tolerable!  We feel so lucky to have spent the day with the Asbury and Grogan families.  They treated US like WE were family, and we have never felt so welcome!

To start, we wanted to share some of the stunning details that Tyler and Will spent so much time finalizing.  We understand that we need to give a HUGE shout-out to Tyler’s mom, who was, we hear, the mastermind behind the beauty of the entire day. (Great job, Joan!) :D  So, first, the details:

1.) Tyler and Will’s wedding reception was held at Tyler’s family’s house in Opelika, Alabama.  2.) The reception tent displayed a huge mossy “G”, in honor of Tyler’s new last initial!  3.)  The bridesmaids and groomsmen changed into cowboy boots for the reception!  4.) Tyler’s veil was an incredible combination of a new veil, and a piece of the veil her mother wore at her own wedding.  The lace on the edges were from her mother’s wedding dress.  5.) Tyler’s shoes, by Caparros.  6.) Tyler’s choker was a gorgeous creation of pearls and a diamond-studded clasp.  7.) The floral designs were all crafted by friends and family!  8.) Tyler’s pinned this beautiful antique cameo to her bouquet.  9.) Having the reception at the Asbury’s home meant there were personal touches everywhere you looked, like this piano, covered with photographs of Tyler and Will through the years.  10.) The Vera Wang Weddings book was used as a guest signing book.  11.) Fresh BBQ was grilled on the back terrace.  12.) Centerpiece.  13.)  Centerpiece.  14.)  Tyler and Will’s rings.  15.)  At the end of the night, the guests took home a small sapling to plant in honor of the celebration.  16.)  Two monogrammed chairs were given as gifts to the newlyweds, and sat in the dining area with the cake.

Now for the story…

Tyler gets ready to put on her Monique Lhullier gown.

Tyler’s mom helps button the dress.

Will ties his bowtie.

Tyler’s dad sees her in her wedding gown for the first time.

 Tyler… isn’t she gorgeous?!?  Bridesmaid Lauren Bricken did an incredible job on her makeup!

Tyler and Will see one another in their wedding clothes for the first time.

Family portraits were hugely important to Tyler and Will — and they had a large family to accommodate!  We spent a full 2 hours before their ceremony capturing different family and wedding party groupings.  We’ve shared two of the portraits below, and a few more in the slideshow.  **Contact Tyler and Will if you’re a family member who wants to see ALL of the portraits!

A silhouette of the First Baptist Church of Opelika, where Tyler and Will were married.

Will prays with his brother and pastor before the ceremony.

And Tyler is surrounded in prayer by her bridesmaids, her mom, aunts, and grandmother.

The girls ride up to sanctuary-level in the elevator.

The dad’s were really emotional while waiting for the ceremony to begin.  Tyler’s mom speaks quietly to Tyler’s dad…

…and Will’s dad has a (semi-)private moment alone on the stairs of the foyer.

Here comes the bride!

Will makes eye contact with his bride-to-be.

The ceremony…

…and the pre-kiss — sometimes so much sweeter than even the kiss itself!  Look how excited they are to be married!

The guests all moved from the church to the Asbury home.  This stunning cake was created by Peggy McKinney.

The first dance begins.

I can’t help but love Tyler’s serious, super-sexy expression in this shot.

Tyler dances with her father.

Tyler gave her bridesmaids these gorgeous fur wraps to wear during the outdoor tented reception.  So sweet!

Will’s mom and brother share a dance.


The entire wedding party — including the bride and groom — wore cowboy boots during the reception.  So perfectly “them.”

We kicked everyone out of this cute little side parlor for a few shots of the newlyweds!  ;)

One of Tyler’s grandmothers tore up the dance floor!  

Tyler dances with one of her brothers.

Time to leave!  The bouquet and garter tosses got going on the front porch.


This poor horse was a little intimidated by all the people cheering and the sparklers waving, so we were firmly instructed NOT to let the flash fire ANYWHERE near Mr. Horse’s head!  This silhouette shot is pretty sweet though!

Tyler and Will, you guys are AWESOME!  We had such a WONDERFUL time with you guys, and we hope we did your incredible celebration justice!  Give us a call next time you want to eat fish tacos! Love and blessings…

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Blogged! Weddings Unveiled

We are very excited to have been a part of the Weddings Unveiled blog’s Valentine’s Day post!

They selected their Top 20 favorite kissing photos, submitted by photographers from all over, and this favorite-of-ours shot of Sarah and Derek at the end of their wedding day made the #2 slot. Hooray!

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Engaged! Molly + Jamie

Molly and Jamie just got engaged in December.  They commissioned us before the first of the year, we shot their engagement photos last weekend, and they’re getting married in April!  We’re fully on board with a couple who is ready to get married and make stuff happen!  That’s exactly how we were, and we never regretted it.  :)

We don’t usually do major motion stuff like this, so it seemed like a nice change.  :)

How GORGEOUS are Molly and Jamie?  BEE-YOU-tiful!

We had to get them in the sun for a few minutes so that Molly could warm up!  It was a warm day for February — in the 60s! — but it still got a bit chilly in the shade.  I rather like the way this shot turned out!

Dead kudzu is awesome.

“Molly is always happy.”  That’s what Jamie said about her.  And she really did have the most natural, ready smile!  It was so much fun to hang out with a couple so quick to laugh!

We had this genius idea to have Molly sit in this windowsill, but she kept slipping off!  Dan grabbed one shot with Jamie basically propping her up — and it’s actually quite nice.  ;)

Just because we’re in the city doesn’t mean we can’t work some nature into our photos!  Courtesy Oakdale Park…

Molly and Jamie, we can’t wait to celebrate with you guys in April!

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Thanks, Ben!

One of the really cool things that comes with being a photographer is the little community that automatically surrounds you.  You find yourself with an instant connection to thousands of independent photographers around the world who are experiencing the same ups and downs of self-employment in a creative field.

This is never truer than when a photographer needs help.  This past fall, I got a call from our colleague Ben Vigil.  He had recently broken his foot, and was looking for someone who could shoot alongside him at his upcoming wedding.  His primary concern was the group portraits, and any other shots that demanded a lot of moving around — which can be all of them!  Luckily, I was available that weekend, so I had the huge honor of being Ben’s primary at Andy and Jen’s GORGEOUS modern wedding at The Contemporary here in Atlanta!

This turned out to be one of my FAVORITE venues of all time.  Seriously.  If was was planning a modern, intimate wedding celebration, THIS is where I would get married.

So I wanted to share some of my images from this wedding, first as a shout-out to Ben (who rocks), but also to showcase a venue that I REALLY hope to shoot in again soon!  Since Ben has already done a good job of telling Jen and Andy’s story, I’m going to focus solely on my favorite details, portraits, and a couple of moments that really stood out.

Ben, thank you so much for inviting me to share this celebration with you!

The bridesmaids wore these stunning bangles:

Jen getting ready.  LOVE the pinboard backdrop!

A bridesmaid helps with the veil.

Jen cracks up as Ben takes her portrait…

The ladies.

This was just some odd corner at the back of the parking lot.  How cool is that?!?

Jen’s flowers.

The gentlemen.

I don’t usually get to spend a lot of time with the guys, since Dan handles that, so I really enjoyed getting to see the other side of things!


Photos of Jen, Andy, and their families through the years, strung across a huge white wall.  How cool is this?!?

STUNNING place cards, hanging from the ceiling on ribbons.

One of Jen’s brothers texting.  Ha.

The rings on one of the super-cool programs they created.  (These two are design grads!)

The ultimate cupcake tower, with Jen and Andy’s signature birds on top.

Jen and her dad walk down the aisle.

Isn’t this a beautiful, rustic outdoor space for a ceremony?  I was in love.

The reception setup.

The whole wedding party.  (Love these colors!)

Cuteness!  This is a shot Jen specifically requested, and I love it!

Jen dances with her dad.

The outdoor ceremony space looked cool after dark.  The wind was blowing the lanterns, making them look like ghosts flying to the rafters.

The Contemporary at night.

Andy and Jen crack up during a toast.

The grand exit!

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Elli’s Boudoir

Sunday was a really cool challenge for me: I went to Elli’s house for her boudoir shoot! I’ve gotten really accustomed to the confines of hotel rooms, so having an entire house to explore was a unique experience — definitely one I’d love to try again sometime! (Any takers?)

Elli and Jason have an ADORABLE little bungalow from the 50s with ripply old walls and dark hardwood floors. I couldn’t have asked for a better setting!

I have lots of shots of Elli that I love, but this one was one of my top 5. Just goes to show that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to be incredibly sexy!

Elli, you are amazing!